Hello Everyone, Pretexious here for another blog, this time I will be asking a question about Carol Peletier's age. I want to ask your divided opinions on what her age probably is. The wiki states that she is mid forties to early fifties, but I think she is quite younger, due to a few ideologies. The actress is 48, so it could and to reason that her age is similar, but we have to also take into account that she spent most of her pre-apocalypse life abused, which would be quite some time, considering Sophia's age (12) and any other years Ed and Carol were together. Since her stress for her wellbeing and Sophia's have blatantly taken a toll on her hair colour, I think it may have withered her body as well, as immense stress can do this. Thus I think Carol may be late thirties to mid forties, but then again it is entirely possible that she is just a bit old... I would make a poll for the decision on her age, but I want to hear about everyone's divided opinions on the subject before we officially change her age. So what do you think? Early fifties? Mid forties? Late thirties? Post in the comments! Thank you for reading! P.S. To admins, If you deem this post to belong in the forums, or is a copy of a previous blog, feel free to delete it.