So... Issue 119 marks the one-hundredth appearance of Michonne, and curiously it is tagged "The war comes home.", meaning war will come to Alexandria, and just like Rick said in #115, you can have a war without casualties. I mean, out of our main four, Michonne is likely the one who's dying. Lately she's been slightly depressed, and now she met Ezekiel. A light of hope, but all good things must come to an end.

She always had this image of survivor and unbeatable. Her death will really prove not even the strongest survivor is immortal in this world. It would probably the most dramatic death in the series, one death I would definitely cry for. Issue 120 is tagged "The war has taken a toll", with Michonne in the middle between Rick (who seems very angry and distraught) and Negan, and she's the only part of the cover which is not in color. She's greyish... probably means she's the toll. She's the casualty.

What y'all think?

Issue 119 Cover