Warning: Potential Spoilers Below


As some of you know, I have a friend who works at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int. Airport, he met several cast members, and is a huge The Walking Dead, and around Season 3 he started to travel to Senoia to watch the filming, meet the cast & crew, etc... He was there when they filmed the herd scene in Isolation (he showed me pictures of the car, and the walker dummies months before the season even premiered), he has a picture with Jose Pablo Cantillo and Travis Love in the set, etc, etc...

So he knows a bit (like every other fan who hangs around the area). They are currently filming either episode 14 or 15, and apparently... they are NOT using the prison set anymore. After the mid season filming "event", they started to film more "on-the-run". Yesterday or so they filmed in Grantville, west of Atlanta. And very recently he and other fans were able to catch Norman and Emily, which means these characters are alive at least until episode 14.

Oh, before you ask... When they were filming the mid-season finale, fans reported "loud explosions" and even sightings of a tank being moved to Raleigh Studios (Prison set). And actress Lauren Cohan, being interview, let slip that (she brings her dog to the set) her dog ran through the entire studio when they were filming an explosion.

Now, the most interesting part is... There is a big rumor that the studio will move to Savannah. Yes. You heard it right: Savannah. AMC probably doesn't want to leave Georgia because of the low tax rate there (I believe). What this means is... Probably we will not have Alexandria in the TV Series. If we do, it will either be a bizarre version of it located in the outskirts of Savannah, or they will simply pretend Savannah is D.C. (I don't really know how Savannah looks like... so it's a possibility).

So, what y'all think about this?
Please don't ask about my friend's identity... he has plenty of TWD fans pestering him already (like me!).