Now, now, this is not about the issue that just got released (#122). I'm here to share a theory about the outcome of All Out War Pt. 2

First, let's reread a part of the issue.

"You all know how this shit works. You get a bite, you get any kind of wound from these things, something from them gets in you... And you fucking die. We're all infected, we all have this to look forward to when we die. We know this. But for some goddamn reason... one of these things bites us... No matter how minor an injury it would otherwise fucking be — The fever sets in. That fever burns us the fuck out. Makes us one of them faster than we'd planned to be. Which fucking sucks. That's the dangerous world we're living in. But we're going to use it to our advantage. You see this? Look at it... Watch how I'm just getting in there... Rubbing all up in its grill. Lucille is getting to know this sorry sack of dead flesh. Sorry Lucille."
Issue 122; Page 15

Yeah... If you ask me, that's so motherfucking smart from his part. Though we can't be 100% it'll work. Now, Mr. Sean Mackiewicz, Editor of The Walking Dead, said we'd see The Saviors "trying out their newly modified weapons"... (He said it on Letter Hacks).

Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. I'm not here to discuss whatever the hell is inside walkers that makes us die, but I'm here to discuss who will be a test subject?. My educated guess is... None other than Rick Grimes himself. How? Well, let's see, Kirkman made sure to bold the fever sets in, and in the past, a character sweating represents fever in this comic. It happened with Jim, Dale, Denise... everyone who died from a bite.

Extra reading material regarding the possibility of the "zombie virus" acting like a venom.


Issue 123 will be The Battle of Hilltop. Issue 124 will (most likely) be the aftermath, and you can see Rick's arm is bandaged. And he is sweating, which is, if past experience tells anything, it's the sign of fever. He will most likely suffer an injury from a "gutted" weapon and will get the fever. Will he die? Who knows? Maybe... Maybe Negan's right and we'll bid farewell to The Walking Dead's greatest character and protagonist in the next issues, issue 125 most likely (Kirkman said he has big plans for that particular issue, Rick's death will be an absurdly logic answer).

So yes, I think there's a good chance this will happen. We're in for a good motherfucking good show (no pun intended) next month.

The Saviors on Hilltop
We Attack at Sundown