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A Minecraft Project: The Prison

Hey there,

I have this Minecraft project going on for a while, now it's really starting to shape up. As the title implies, it's famous Prison. This one is the television version (it's the easiest to replicate for obvious reasons) and I thought I should share the progress here.

Glory Shot
Inner Courtyard
C Block Entrance
C Block

That's all for now, other parts of the complex are finished but I'll save them for a future blog.
-Blocks A, B, D and E
-Field, fences & guard towers.

Any suggestions of what parts I should add? I can't think of other places right now. I might expand it to fit the season 2 finale shot (apparently the producers completely forgot about that massive chunk of the prison in season 3) and add a few more stuff from the comics. So, what you think? What did you love about this? What did you hate? What's out of place and what is awesome?

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