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  • Pops Capo
    Pops Capo's Review on "Shiva" and Master Blog

    My heart was frozen and then shattered into a thousand pieces, kids. And it wasn't because of The Walking Dead.

    I apologize in advance if I end up coming off as distracted or vague in this blog. Game of Thrones had a particularly sad episode today and I'm still recovering. This is the mid season finale of the second season of Fear The Walking Dead. Like in the previous week, I'll be using text from the official summary, if you want a better version, click here.

    We start off with a flashback of young Daniel standing in the rain overlooking a pile of corpse. Creepy stuff. Back to the present, Daniel and his daughter wake up to the sound of a gunshot. Daniel starts acting all crazy and runs outside w…

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  • Pops Capo
    Pops Capo's Review on "Sicut Cervus" and Master Blog

    Hello, kids.

    Sicut Cervus... What kind of stupid name is that? Anyway, this is the sixth episode of the second season, written by Brian Buckner and directed by Kate Dennis.

    Now, just a note, I will be doing this a little differently. I won't be writing every single line of the summary, I'll mostly take from the official summary given by AMC, for two reasons. One, the blog is just here so people have a place to discuss and the summary is just to refresh people's memories. Two, it gets tiring and it slows me down. I want to post these blogs as fast as possible for the few who want to discuss it. With that being said, let's go.

    The episode starts at a church sermon in Mexico, the priest is tell…

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  • Pops Capo
    Pops Capo's Review on "Captive" and Master Blog

    Hello, kids.

    A Tower of Joy cliffhanger, you've got to be kidding me... Some people have been waiting twenty years to find out what happened there... Ugh. The AMC cliffhanger disease is spreading. Anyway, welcome back. This is the fifth episode of season two.

    It seems The Walking Dead writers have a hard on for cooking scenes with cheesy music. First Carol baking cookies and now this. Bloody waste of screen time, I call it.

    Bad guy Connor offers Alicia a steak and leaves because he has stuff to take care of. Alicia starts eating and asshole pregnant woman picks up the plate, eats, leaves and locks Alicia there.

    How is Reed still alive? Pretty sure that thing hit at least two vital organs, but damn…

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  • Pops Capo
    Pops Capo's Review on "Blood in the Streets" and Master Blog

    Hello, kids.

    I will start again with a disclaimer, this one will be short as well, even though it wasn't bad at all, on the contrary, it was a pleasant surprise. This is the fourth episode of the second season.

    We start with Nick swimming naked. Why is he naked? And more importantly, why we don't see him naked? Such a waste of a good opportunity... Oh well. I do have a few issues with how the episode started, namely: how did they get there? It was out of the blue, they just showed up there surrounded with a bunch of boats. Where are they? What happened?

    I feel like the producers just wanted to save precious running time and have the audience just guess what happened and how the charact…

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  • Pops Capo
    Pops Capo's Review on "Ouroboros" and Master Blog

    Hello, kids.

    I'll start with a disclaimer, this will be short because, well, not much happened. This is the third episode of the second season, written by Alan Page and directed by Stefan Schwartz.

    Picking up in the immediate aftermath of the Flight 462 crash into the Pacific, we see Charlie Alex rescuing Jake, who suffered some serious burns on his face. He actually looks more like Dwight now than this guy. Jake's situation deteriorates and this one guy tries to kill him, but Alex kills him before he can do anything.

    On the Abigail, Strand continues to be shady. Trav and Maddie are about to have sex but since this isn't HBO something happens to prevent that. The boat creaked to a stop, the engin…

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