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  • Popozão

    REMEMBER ME? POPOZÃO! Or, you know the drill, I have to introduce my nicknames every single blog because... Reasons! Many call me Tommy, some call me Johnny Tommid and few call me Pvt. Joker. Welcome back to my Dank Blog Series! (get it, it's on the title! Because it's dank and it's a series of blogs! Genius!)

    So this week I had no fucking clue what to do with this series. With Christmas and New Year's almost here and what not, but I had an amazing idea reading the comments of my last blog! Characters that were actually handled better on the show!

    Too bad I didn't notice that blog was already done, and by the very same person who gave me the idea on the first place. (Ooooops. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) I also noted that this caused a massive comment war, so big it complet…

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  • Popozão

    Hello, fellow wikians (I don't make the rules, that is what we're called. Yeah, I know it's weird but just accept it), my name is Popozão, but you can call me Tommy. Or Tommid, if we're close enough. Or Private Joker, that works too. It's a fine nickname, I'll tell you. Sticking to it.

    Seeing how amazingly well my first blog was received, with lots of people leaving insightful comments about how they loved the blog, just like this one:

    Very deep and touching comment left by user DominicT22.

    I decided to continue on with the series! *crickets* Now, I know this is pretty exciting but please refrain from cumming or squirting all over the blog, the mess won't be pretty for me to clear.

    Anywhore, the theme of this blog is those characters in the TV S…

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  • Popozão

    WASUP GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUIZE IT'S POPO BACK AGAIN TO BRING YOU ANOTHER PIG'S LIST- Oh shit right this isn't a Pig's list, Pig's lists are dead. Fuck You Pigpen Bring Back Pig's Lists we need all that dankness in our lives :'(

    Anyway, my name is Popozão but I roll with Tommy, or Tommid or Popo if you're feeling fancy and/or wants to annoy me. I've been wanting to start a blog series forever and now that Pig's Lists are dead MY TIME HAS FINALLY COME HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Ok, sorry I got a little Scottish for a moment.

    This day we're taking a look at the deaths in the TV show that were avoidable, or as I like to call them, fucking retarded, and I'll present you the 5 I think were the worst ones. This characters deaths could be easily avoided …

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  • Popozão

    'Sup, guys. You know, I'm not usually the kind of guy to create blogs on the wiki, let alone informative blogs but this little thing happened to me today and I felt it should be shared with the community.

    Basically, when I got free time I thought about killing it playing some of the Social Game on Facebook (yeah, I have nothing else to do with my life). I opened it, and after the usual long loading time... I saw this.

    (Great typo on the filename, you go son!) Well it wasn't actually that, because my spooked self forgot to take a screencap. When I refreshed, it didn't show again. I got this image from the official page of the game.

    Well, that kinda sucks doesn't it? I mean the Social Game was never anything great or outstanding but it was a fun…

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  • Popozão

    Howdy, guys! This here is Mr. Popozão, also known as Tommy by friends or, idk... "That Guy", maybe. Whatever, my name ain't important, okay? It's real unimportant.

    I've been in the wikia around sometime and I've been reading the blogs. I don't know if anyone ever did this, but I'd like to do a kewl blog about something crucial in the world of The Walking Dead: Your group. Yes. Surprised? If yes, why? The fucking name of the blog already says it.

    I think we all agree that your group plays a crucial part when it comes to either you lives or not. Having a good leader, good shooters to protect yourself, a good medic and if you're lucky a good supply runner are things you may want to have if a zombie apocalypse ever happens. And this is what this…

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