• Polisbil

    Hello there, I was just thinking of some theories for the possible future of the comics.

    Theory one: Dwight gains/has gained the trust of everyone, but he is still not satisfied with Negan being alive, he heads inside to where Negan is locked up and gets him under the guise he's letting him go, when he unchains him, however he smashes his head in with Lucille who he recently picked up.

    Theory two: Dwight is now in charge of the saviors, he has gained the trust of everyone, and he is not satisfied with Negan being alive, he attacks hilltop and forces them to retreat, dwight finds Negan and beats his head in with Lucille

    Theory three:Dwight attacks everyone, but in the confusion Negan gets to escape, he joins up with the group of survivors on t…

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  • Polisbil

    Hello person reading this, I want to give you my theory about the murderer.

    Lizzie, I think she did it because of a lot of evidence pointing towards her.

    • She took the knife from Carol
    • About an hour later Karen and David were found dead (stabbed and burnt) I think she did this to stop the infection from spreading to the rest of the group
    • Next, she's so sick that she forgets to cough, cough blood or sweat heavily

    I think she's going to go into the infected place, kill all the infected people she can (possibly Glenn as well) and finally get caught, after that I don't know what will happen to her.

    What do you guys think?

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