So as we all know, the AOW story arc is finished. Negan is still alive as well as:

Rick, Andrea, Carl, Michonne, Dwight, Ezekiel, Paul, Harlan Carson, Carson, Maggie, Sophia, Rosita, Eugene, Gabriel, Olivia, Heath, Aaron and a few other small characters that I could be forgetting.

On top of those, we have our new arrivals:

Magna, Luke, Yumiko, Connie, Kelly, Siddiq and Annie

With each issue only being so long, and coming out just once a month (normal level), I believe Kirkman is going to start getting bogged down in terms of plot development, as he will have to show at least a little bit from each character. Therefore, I strongly believe that we have a list of expendables in the next, say, 12 issues to come so that we can have a bit more liberty on terms of story.

The expendable characters right now:

Michonne, Rosita, Kelly, Connie, Siddiq, Annie, Ezekiel, Aaron, Dwight and maybe a few background survivors.

I honestly believe that at least 3 of these characters will be killed off in the near future, so the only question that remains is: What is going to kill them??

The big possible threats:

  • Negan

Negan has shown to be a valiant adversary in the past, but now that he does not have a following, he might try to convince carl to help him escape, and then kill a few people, who knows? At the least, I think he would want to get his revenge on Dwight for evidently betraying him. Sorry Dwight :(

  • Super Ultra Mega Herd!!!

This possibility almost seems more likely to me than the others. With the new herd crew leading herds away from the DC area, those herds must increase the zombie density of the areas outside of DC. This is bad. If enough of those Medium-Large sized herds collide, and they are drawn back in by a new conflict, or by the fair that they have planned in Alexandria (Uh oh) there would be so many of them that the survivors would be forced to flee.

  • Uprising

This is probably the least likely but whatever, I'll mention it anyway. In the next issues, it could be revealed that some survivors do not like Rick's style of leadership, and they might try to stage a coup. Very bad, but probably won't happen.

Thanks for listening guys, let me know what you think!