Good afternoon, Wikia community! Today I will be trying something a bit new to my activity on the wiki: doing a character spotlight and giving my thoughts on the character. Today we will be talking about the Season 4 character, Bob Stookey.


Bob is introduced to us as just another prison newcomer, just like Zach or David. He seems kind enough and wants to contribute to the group by going to The Big Spot supply run. He is also an additonal african american survivor, which weveryone seems to be obsessed with, despite the fact that african descendants make up almost 15% of The US. Bob is a man who struggles with great losses, as well as alcoholism. It becomes apparent that being alone in the apocalypse has changed him.

Audience Reception

As we all know, Bob seemed slighlty suspicious in his intentions at the beginning of season 4. Most of us thought that there was some malicious reason for him to want to go on the supply run, and that he may have been the one who killed Karen and David. However, this changes after we see that he wanted to get a drink from the store and then later it comes out that Carol killed Karen and David. So now we know that Bob is not bad of heart at least, but it's possible that he is still just another red-shirt prison-newcomer. 

Development as a Character

Now Bob has survived the outbreak of the flu pandemic, and he even sort of helped out on the run with Tyreese, Michonne and Daryl. Even though he again goes on the mission to try to get something to drink. At this point, I began to feel sympathy towards Bob. Daryl basically bullies him after he found out about the bottle which I thought was unfair. Alcoholics and drug addicts don't abuse substances on purpose, or to purposefully jeapordize the group's safety. Addiction is in fact a disease, before or after the zombie apocalypse. After all, his expertise in medecine came in handy when they were at the college. Anyway at this point youre not really supposed to like Bob all that much.

Then we get to Too Far Gone, where he actually manages to fight for the prison and escapes succcesfully with Maggie and Sasha. He actually shows sympathy for Sasha when she is sick, and tries to keep her inside. He then helps Maggie find Glenn which is a genuine nice-guy move. He actually risks his life a couple of times and has a close call with the walkers in the fog. So maybe he isn't just another red-shirt; hooorraaayyy. I mean, the only other newcomers left at this point are Lizzie and Mika and we all know where they're headed. So Bob then gets a flashback sequence and again I start to feel bad for him. The three questions:

How many walkers have you kiilled? A couple dozen.

How many people have you killed? One.

Why? She asked me to.

Damn Bob, you killed someone out of Mercy... Sounds like Daryl killing Dale! Oh wait no because Daryl is still a dick-head to you later and tells him he should have left him on the road. Not cool Daryl! Now I think Bob is just the third wheel, but he actually starts to com out of his shell and hits on Sasha (very smooth, Bob). And now he's stuck in a container with the rest after they find Glenn and the others.


Next Season

I hope Bob doesn't get Mazzara'd like T-Dog where he just gets killed for a bit of a wow-factor. It's much better when characters actually deserve their deaths. The reason I say this is that I think Bob is on his last legs, I mean there are a few people who are in danger, but Bob seems the most likely (cough cough Oscar cough Julio). To see him develop well into S5 would be nice but I just don't know if there is room for him in the script anymore :(

Overall he's been a great character and something we needed to see as a variety of badasses come and go. Someone who is weak but still brave is even more unique and is in my opinion what makes TWD good.