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What will Happen to the Council?

Pit12 November 7, 2013 User blog:Pit12

I just realized over half the council is gone. Carol is kicked out, and Glenn and Sasha are sick. That means it's just Daryl and Hershel. I think that this will make the two men bond, as well as make a harsh decision. I don't know why I think that they will make a harsh decision, but I think so and I think in the end it will help the group. My theory is that they will have different members of the group join te council. I think Rick and Tyreese will join the council and mabye Sasha. Also who do you think Julio is and when do you think the Governor will come back? I think Julio is the leader of the colony that we heard of on the radio. And I think the Governor will return next episode or the episode after that. Leave your thoughts here :)

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