Hello, How ya'll been doin'? It's been a while since I've made a blog post. But since Under the Dome is coming to an end, and The Walking Dead is coming to a start, I figure I'll link them.

Big Jim=The Governor. Most certainly. Both have a terrible past, both have a big role in a town and people think they are both good, but they are not. Weirdly, they both use a Beretta 92F2 Inox. With them, it's kill or be killed. They would blame others for their actions to dirty them up and keep him clean. They would kill whoever finds out there secrets.

Julia=Carol Julia and Carol are both middle aged woman who still have a piece of mind in a terrible situation. Both are into a man who is almost the same as the other, Daryl Dixon and Barbie.

Barbie=Daryl They are both very strong men but do care about the people around them and would go to extreme circumstances to protect them. They both are easily able to defend themselves when needed. ANd both are bas ass :3

Angie/Norrie=Maggie I think they both are a lot like Maggie. Both young and smart girls but makes a mistake the could change alot. (Norrie trying to stab Big Jim in last nights episode, Angie smashing the globe on Juniors head and trying to stab him with the scissor blade and Maggie Telling the Governor where the camp was.)

Joe=Glenn They both care for a girl and have the same way of taking care of them. Mostl likely neither of them had really had a significant other and  did not want to screw it up.

Duke=Rick Both are deputies, even though Duke is a sheriff and both wear hats.And both sell their souls to the devil to protect their loved ones.

Linda=Andrea Both suck up to the main antagonist because they think he's good even though he's done things that are clearly not good. They both are dumb in a sense of who's side to be on. They both use a Beretta 92FS.

Phil=T-Dog No, I'm not being racist because they are both African American. They just have the same personality. They both are very upset when they lose a female friend. They both act kinda clumsy as well.

I will post more later, for now I have to go. Cover me from the Walkers.