If you have not seen the trailer for the next episode or the previous episode and don't want to be spoiled, please do not read this blog.

I have two topics I want to discuss, so I figured I would combine them in to one blog instead of two. First off.

Julio, I thought Daryl's group was gonna pick them up on a run. But apparently he had already lived in the prison. He was one of the few prison survivors who survived all these flu epidemics. So I wanted your thoughts, do you guys think Julio will do anything? Or do you think he's just gonnna be another Dr.S who is gonna seem so important and then just die?

My second topic here, is Shumpert. He wasn't shown in the promo for next episode. He was in The Governor's flashback, but not at their camp. So how can we be so jumpy that he is alive? I think he is but there is no confirmation. So I think his status needs to be changed to either unknown or a new status, presumed alive. Thanks for reading, leave your thoughts here.