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    November 11, 2013 by Pit12

    If you have not seen the trailer for the next episode or the previous episode and don't want to be spoiled, please do not read this blog.

    I have two topics I want to discuss, so I figured I would combine them in to one blog instead of two. First off.

    Julio, I thought Daryl's group was gonna pick them up on a run. But apparently he had already lived in the prison. He was one of the few prison survivors who survived all these flu epidemics. So I wanted your thoughts, do you guys think Julio will do anything? Or do you think he's just gonnna be another Dr.S who is gonna seem so important and then just die?

    My second topic here, is Shumpert. He wasn't shown in the promo for next episode. He was in The Governor's flashback, but not at their camp. …

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  • Pit12

    I just realized over half the council is gone. Carol is kicked out, and Glenn and Sasha are sick. That means it's just Daryl and Hershel. I think that this will make the two men bond, as well as make a harsh decision. I don't know why I think that they will make a harsh decision, but I think so and I think in the end it will help the group. My theory is that they will have different members of the group join te council. I think Rick and Tyreese will join the council and mabye Sasha. Also who do you think Julio is and when do you think the Governor will come back? I think Julio is the leader of the colony that we heard of on the radio. And I think the Governor will return next episode or the episode after that. Leave your thoughts here :)

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  • Pit12

    Hello, How ya'll been doin'? It's been a while since I've made a blog post. But since Under the Dome is coming to an end, and The Walking Dead is coming to a start, I figure I'll link them.

    Big Jim=The Governor. Most certainly. Both have a terrible past, both have a big role in a town and people think they are both good, but they are not. Weirdly, they both use a Beretta 92F2 Inox. With them, it's kill or be killed. They would blame others for their actions to dirty them up and keep him clean. They would kill whoever finds out there secrets.

    Julia=Carol Julia and Carol are both middle aged woman who still have a piece of mind in a terrible situation. Both are into a man who is almost the same as the other, Daryl Dixon and Barbie.


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  • Pit12

    So, Season 4 in Indfifference, episode 4 is supposed to be casting Jack and Erin. There have also been rumours of Chase and Kelly returning. I think Jack and Erin are codenames for Chase and Kelly. Think about it, they have codenames all the time, for example: Roy Stark,  Manuel, Harold, Flame Lilly and Stoney. What do you guys think? Please, no douchebaggery.

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  • Pit12

    Rick's Assault Rifle

    June 2, 2013 by Pit12

    I'm suprised too,but it's not a M4A1. It is an AR 15. It looks like an M4 though.... The weapon handler states it too in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGMpBNwqJ94

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