Ugh.......I have to do this, since everyone is talking about Minor Character, Alice, Billy, Beth etc I guess I need to make a blog about it jk I am choosing to.

Things Beth has Done:

Attempt Suicide

Take Care of Judtih


Make Michonne have an Emotional Breakdown

Try to get others to kill themselves

Care nothing for her boyfriends

Little to no Reaction or Emotion of her Boyfriends Deaths but a farm workers death (Patricia) She crys like mad

Killed 1 or 2 Walkers

A Spawn for terrible Fan Pairings (which also suck btw excpet Darll <3 Carol)

Also her actress doesn't even try (okay she does try a little but not much)

Yup......... She tried to get Maggie to kill herself, when asked about Jimmy when she was gonna kill herself she says "She doesnt care about him." Takes care of Judith when even the Daryl fans can agree Daryl can do it and has done it before, Crys for Patrcia's death but not a boyfriend shes had for 7 months or more (Jimmy and Zach/Zack), Gives Michonne Judith when she says no and makes her cries like hell, and sing.....Who needs singing when there is zombies everywhere! Singing won't help the flu or the fence situation or the Govs looming attack!

Now sorry if you Beth fans like Cheria are mad at me and I said in the title Beth Fans please dont be offended this is my opinion.

Is Beth a Terrible Character, A Good Character, or a Character that deserves nothing.

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