Welcome to another classified document of What if?

Last time it was what would happen if Tyreese killed Rick or Rick killed Tyreese during their fight in the comics?

Now ik Kenny could never kill Lee in a fist fight but let's just say he does. What if in episode 3 when Lee tells Kenny to stop the train and the fight breaks out what if Kenny actually killed him. How would Clem, Katjaa, Duck, Ben, and Charles react? Would Duck turn and kill everyone? Would Charles not share his booze with Kenny? Would Clem look to Katjaa as a new Guardien? Leave in the comments what you think would happen.

Next Time: 

What if Andrea killed the Gov in his sleep?


What if Rick never woke up from the Coma?

Also yes Ik about the last blog and I completly Apolgize. Anything I said to anyone like Hippo or Cam or anyone I am very sorry I did not mean to well you know mean. Anyways let's all forget about it and read on.

Also I'd like to apolgize for anything about disrespecting opinions, I was wrong and am very sorry.

Finally, VS. Series has been brought to coming back on Janurary 2014