Welome back a lot of people enjoyed the Govenor vs. Negan blog and so I decided to make this a series of blogs. Also here is the winner from last time............Negan and the Savoirs by a LONGSHOT.

Anyway on with the new fight.

Now the Main group is with Rick, Lori, etc and I've decided to use them from the TV SERIES instead of the Comics version and I decided to use the members of the group alive during Season 3 so Ricks Group Consits of (Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Lori, T-Dog, Michonne, Merle, Daryl, Hershel, Carl, Carol, Axel, and Oscar). They will face the Vatos Gang from the Season 1 episode Vatos. So who would win? Honestly I'm gonna go with The Vatos Gang. NOW FREEZE before you comment let me explain, They have more people (excluding the Elderly) and better weapons. Now Rick's Group, yes they have Daryl (P.S Daryl is a badass), they have the Prison and they are better trained with the weapons but I'm going have to say Vatos Group.

UPDATE: After reading some of your comments realized you are right and that the Group does have WAY MORE WEAPONS then the Vatos. So Srry see you guys later. :) P.S Leave suggestions too for future fights.

ADDED A POLL CAUSE EVERYONE WANTED ME TO ADD ONE!!! jk I'm not yellin. :) and I had to Reload the Poll so srry if the votes are gone. The votes were 3 Vats and 1 Main Group


Tyreese's Mini Group from Season 3 (Tyreese, Sasha, Allen, Ben, Donna, 


The Prisoners from Comics (Axel, Tomas, Dexter, Andrew)

Hope you enjoy I'll be back in 2 days with the next fight.

Who Wins?

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