Hello everyone and welcome to the first Special vs blog. Today will have no winners or losers but I'm here to talk about this......How the hell do Zombies kill off every human being???

Let's Begin

Zombies vs. The Military

This one just makes me annoyed. I never got why the hell Zombies can defeat the entire world miltary, U.S, U.K, Russia, Japan, China, Germany, Netherlands, etc. Even if there were hundreds of thousands of zombies they military would realize that the zombies can only be killed by being shot in the head and thus the apcolypse would end.

Or for example this happens

Atlanta Overrun Tank, 2

Sure Helicopters and Tanks could easily kill zombies but maybe as seen here ->

The Corpses get to high and well....make the tank or truck get stuck as seen in S4 when Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob Stookey get their car stuck in a pile of zombie corpse.

What about Nuclear Weapons? Now that I do not know. We would all be facing apocalypse but I doubt any country would use nuclear weapons which if they did use the weapons would cause more destruction then helping or...maybe It'd do both IDK.

Who Wins?

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Zombies vs. The People

Okay let's say the military fails, and the zombies start to take over. The surviving soldiers and survivors would easily finish them off. Now the zombies are attracted to sound....how about set a huge trap and lure a herd of zombies to the trap. BOOM Herd done for.

Now again the zombies are slow so 1 or 2 is easy but a herd and huge groups of the undead are a challenge such as this ->

Social Game Zombies

Sure bullets would be well WTF am I even doing this section this is literally just talking about what the walking dead has done so far.

Zombies vs. Nature

Zombies enemy's aren't only human survivors but of course the weather or the landscape. Tornadoes, Earthquakes, destroyed buildings and all that stuff would be the end of a zombie. So far TWD hasn't come across any natural disaster yet and I don't think I've ever seen a zombie flick where there was a tornado.

Zombies don't rely fully on sight and are very stupid. They'd walk off cliffs and buildings and all that stuff OR eventually rot. They'd rot until well they couldn't go on anymore.

Well that's what I think.

What do you think would happen

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Now what kind of Zombies we talking about?

Now I came up with this list here.....

Romero/Kirkman Zombies - Slow, unintelligent, deadly in numbers, easy by themselves

Dawn of the Dead 2004 Zombies - Fast, Strong, Slightly intelligent, Difficult in any form

Smart/Land of the Dead Zombies - Zombies that retain some Human Emotion and can think for themselves.

It's not a big list but in any case I see the outcomes of the zombies different in each way.

Kirkman Zombies, We would win

Dawn of the Dead 2004 Zombies, We'd Loose but would leave a scar on the horde

Smart Zombies, We'd be screwed.

Hope you enjoyed

Hope you Enjoyed and got you thinking about what would happen if we did get attacked by zombies.

I don't think I'll ever make another one of these special VS Blogs ever do to how boring they are to type xD.

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