Okay welcome to the vs blogs and listen a lot of people probably wont see this blog cause well Season 4 episode 3 airs tonight and everyone will be making a Review blog. Anyways last time the Fan Favs won against the 600 Walkers.

Tonight/Today the fight will be between the Greene Farm and The King County Police.

The Police will be taken from the Show and Dead Reckoning

The Farm will have characters from the Show and Comics

So it will be easeir to see here is the fighters on each team. Only one version a character per person.

The Farm - Hershel (TV), Maggie (Comics), Otis (Comics), Patricia (TV), Beth (TV), Billy (Comics), Arnold (Comics), Lacey (Comics), Susie (Comics), Rachel (Comics).

The Police - Shane (TV), Rick (TV), Leon (TV), Don (Dead Reckoning), Lambert (TV), Diane (TV), Linda (TV), That unnamed Police Officer seen in the flashback of Bloodletting that is standing nex to Lambert (TV)

XD about the last guy but anyways I think the Police will win because they have more experiance in fighting.

Who Wins

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Next Fight: All Out Redshirt Battle: Zack, Jimmy, Arnold, Lacey, Mark, Partick, etc