WELCOME EVERYONE TO 2014 AND THE FIRST (technically third) in the Second Series of VS Blogs!

Last time it was the closet fight yet......Woodbury (TV, Comics, and Martinez's Camp all put together) vs. The Saviors and The Hunters put together! But Negan came on top by I think it was 1 or 2 votes.

Well on with this fight!

The Badasses that will fight!

  • Rick Grimes (Comics)
  • Lee Everett
  • Negan
  • Andrea (Comics)
  • Daryl Dixon (TV)
  • Paul "Jesus" Monroe
  • Tyreese (Comics)
  • Abraham (Comics)
  • Molly (Telltale)
  • Shane (TV)
  • Michonne (Comics)
I added Michonne after an anon Suggested I add Michonne to the Badasses. Also We will be giving Rick his hand back and Lee will have both his arms.

What they will use in this battle

Daryl - Crossbow, Shotgun, Pickaxe

Rick  - Hatchet, Assault Rifle, Handgun

Lee Everett - Axe, Handgun, Hunting Rifle

Andrea - Sniper Rifle, Knife, Semi Auto Rifle

Molly - Hilda, Assault Rifle, Handgun

Negan - Lucille, Semi Auto Rifle, Hunting Rifle

Abraham - Handgun, Assault Rifle, 1 Grenade

Tyreese - Hammer, Handgun, Semi Auto Rifle

Michonne - Katana, Shotgun, Handgun

Shane - Shotgun, Axe, Handgun

Paul - Semi Auto Rifle, 2 Knives, Handgun


Who Wins?

The poll was created at 19:14 on January 1, 2014, and so far 87 people voted.


Please Only vote on who would win in a fight not because he/she is your fav character

Please Comment on who you think would win

Please be Honest while voting


Antagonist SHOWDOWN!

The Governor (Comics) vs. Negan (Comics) vs. Chris (Hunters) vs. Shane (Comics) vs. Thomas Richards (Comics) vs. Merle Dixon (S1) vs. B.J (Webisodes) vs. The Stranger (Telltale) vs. Danny and Andrew St. John (Telltale) vs. Ed (TV)

Happy New Year!

What better way to begin 2014 with the most underrated Blog Series on the Wiki!!!....well Fireworks, Family, Watching TWD, Reading TWD, Playing TWD and a lot of other things would be better...but HEY you clicked on the blog.