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VS: All Female Special 3 (The Final One)

Pigpen077 January 16, 2014 User blog:Pigpen077

Hello everyone last time Negan won all 3 rounds. (Fanboys much) jk jk but really kind of odd.

But anyways this will be the final All Female Special. Once again do not think I am being sexist or anything. Now before we get into this let's just mention the characters that will not appear in this battle.

Characters that Won't appear in the battle

Reason 1: Forgot them


Reason 2: Too Overpowered


Reason 3: It's Beth

Andrea (comics)

carley (Telltale)

molly (Telltale)

maggie (TV)

michonne (TV)

beth (TV)

Alice (Comics)

okay those were the ones I needed to announce......well I tried to keep all new characters so let's begin!

The Characters

  • Lori (TV - Non Pregnant)
  • Donna (Comics)
  • Haley (TV)
  • Andrea (TV - S3)
  • Holly (Comics)
  • Denise Cloyd (Comics)
  • Lilly (Telltale)
  • Theresa (Comics)
  • Karina (Webisodes)
  • Jolene (Telltale)
  • Hannah (TV - Walker)


Lilly - Scoped Rifle, Knife

Andrea - Handgun, Pitchfork

Jolene - Crossbow, 2 Knives

Donna - Semi Auto Rifle, Pickaxe

Haley - Bow&Arrow, Katana

Lori - High Powered Handgun, Kitchen Knife

Theresa - Rifle, Tomahawk

Holly - Semi Auto Rifle, Riot Shield

Karina - Shotgun, Tazor

Denise - Handgun, Spiked Baseball Bat

Hannah Walker - Bite, Scratch

The Areana

Motel Before Darkness

The Motel (Telltale)

Who Wins AKA Polls

Who Wins?

The poll was created at 20:44 on January 16, 2014, and so far 56 people voted.

Next Time:

VS: The Entire World Miltary vs. Zombies AKA The First VS. Blog Special

....why I think the World Miltary should win every time!

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