POLL FIXED PLEASE READ AND COMMENT!!!!!WELCOME TO A NEW VS. BLOG and btw last nights episode kicked ass. One of my all time favs. Anyways last time it was Season Episode 1s and which one was the best. Days Gone Bye won with 30 Days without an accident for a close second and Seed for number 3. Today is my fav VS to date. 10 Fan Fav characters going at it with 400 Walkers!

The Characters:

Andrea (Comics)

Rick (TV)

Negan (Comics)

Tyreese (Comics)

Daryl (TV)

Merle (TV)

Maggie (TV)

Michonne (Comics)

Beth (TV)

Axel (Comics)

and why not lets add in a red shirt character to "Help"

Jimmy (TV)

Who wins IDK wait lets make it 500 walkers and give the characters some items.

Daryl will ge this Motorcycle, His Crossbow, and his handgun

Merle will get his Bayonet Arm, an Assault Rifle, and 1 Grenade

Andreia will get a Rifle with limited ammo, A Knife, and 2 M1911s

Beth will have a MM1 Grenade Launcher (Don't know what it is? Google it, it's awesome)

Axel will get 2 Machetes and a Desert Eage

Maggie will get a Barret 50'cal, an AK-47, and a Spear (why a spear IDK just cause)

Negan will get his Baseball bat (I can't spell the name srry XD), 1 M1911, and a Shotgun

Tyreese will get his Hammer and 2 Pistols

Rick will get a Hatchet, Machete and his Colt Python

Michonne will get her Katanas

Jimmy will get a Pistol

Who would win

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