Welcome to another VS Blog. NOW srry guys IK I promised a VS. Blog once a week but yesterday I released the VS: Favorites blog which was Rick vs. Daryl vs. Michonne vs. Tyreese vs. Negan vs. Andreia. BUT I made a mistake on making it right after the Season 4 Episode 1 aired so....lets just say the blog was only seen by 10 people before it got replaced by thousands of other blogs XD anyways I wont make another like Which would you blogs this week or month mkay? So without further a do this VS. is not a fight but which Season Episode 1 did you find the best. Mine was Seed from Season 3. It was a good episode but not as good as Clear (AKA A Walking Dead Classic).

Which was your Favorite

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Okay oh wait forgot last time (if you saw the blog that is) Michonne won.

Okay now Axel srry I wanted to put this blog up cause nobody saw the last one. This will be my last for the week so Bye guys!


800 Walkers


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