WELCOME EVERYONE TO THE VS BLOGS!!!! if you didnt know by now that I'll be uploaded 1 VS. Blog a week to think of awesome fights! Today's fight is an all girl showdown.

P.S the winner from last time are from best Canon

Best Characters: Comics

Best Villains: Comics

Best Ending: Video Games

Best in General: Comics

The Fighter are............

Lily from the Telltale Games (Choice Weapon-Rifle)

Molly from the Telltale Games (Choice Weapon-Hilda)

Maggie from the TV Series (Choice Weapon-Semi Auto Rifle)

Carley from the Telltale Games (Choice Weapon-Hangun)

Andreia from the Volumes 1-9 Comics (Choice Weapon-Rifle)

Sasha from the TV Series (Choice Weapon-Semi Auto Rifle)

Each Character will get 1 Assault Rifle with 10 Shots, A Knife and their Choice Weapon.


Who Wins in a fight to the Death?

The poll was created at 22:17 on October 7, 2013, and so far 33 people voted.

NEXT FIGHT WILL BE............Battle of the Most Popular Characters

Rick (TV), Daryl (TV), Merle (TV), Andreia (Comics), Tyreese (Comics), Negan (Comics)

p.s originally for the All Girl Showdown I was gonna use Beth (TV) instead of Molly and Carol (TV) instead of Andreia but Beth stinks at fighting (My Opinion) and Carol not much of a fighter (But still one of my favs :D).