WELCOME BACK oh and last time the police won vs. but anyways I mentioned in like early October that I'd make the biggest vs. ever in November. So here it is......

Woodbury (TV and Comics COMBINED)

The Savoirs

D.C Scavengers and The Hunters (COMBINED)

The Kingdom and The Hilltop (COMBINED)

Vatos Gang and Rick's Prison Group from Season 4 episode 1 (COMBINED)

ALL FIGHTING EACHOTHER!!!! Here are the characters that will be in each group (Note I won't use all the members cause well that'd take forever.)

Woodbury Army (TV and Comics)- the Govenor (Comics), Lily, Milton, Merle, Noah, Marteniz (Both Cannons), Shumpert, Allen (TV), Ben (TV), Hayley, Tim, Paul, Gargulio, Warren, Bruce Allen Cooper, Dr. Stevens, Harold, Eugene, Sam the Butcher, etc

Saviors- Negan, Dwight, Connor, Amber, Sherry, Mark, Tara, Seth, Paul, Mike, etc

D.C Scavengers and The Hunters- Chris, Derek, Albert, David, Greg, Charlie, etc

The Kingdom and Hilltop- Shiva, Jesus, Richard, Ezekiel, Gregory, Kal, Wesley, Sameul, Mandy, Ethan, Crystal, Brianna, etc

Vatos Gang and Rick's Group from Season 4 Premiere- Rick, Hershel, Maggie, Carl, Karen, David, Tyreese, Sasha, The Piglets, Carol, Lizzie, Glenn, Patrick, Daryl, Zack, Beth, Guillermo, Felipe, Miguel, Gilbert, Jorge, Michonne, Flame, Abuela, etc

Who Wins? Up to you. NOW PLEASE COMMENT ON WHO WOULD WIN!! Why? cause i honestly like reading your opinions or than looking at a poll. thx bye. :)

Who Wins?

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Battle of the Heroes

Merle, Daryl, Rick, Lee, Glenn, Jesus, Michonne, Andrea

ALSO if anyone is intrested in makeing some ideas for the vs blogs just say your fights in the comments. I will give credit ask Ghost I gave him credit.