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Pigpen077 October 14, 2013 User blog:Pigpen077

Welcome back everyone and welcome to the new VS. Blog! I'm sure we all saw Season 4 Premeire last night btw. Anyway winner from last time is........Andreia (Comics) against Carley, Lily (Telltale), Molly, Maggie (TV), Sasha.

Today we are taking the 6 most favorited characters..............

Negan - Luclille


Rick (TV) - Colt Python


Daryl Dixon (TV) - A Crossbow


Michonne (Comics) - A Katana


Andreia (Comics) - A Rifle


Tyreese (Comics) - A Hammer

Each Character will get their signature weapon and 1 Handgun with 5 rounds of ammo.

Who Wins....I'd say Negan only cause well lets face it he is probaly the only one here that will kill anyone and i mean ANYONE in his way.

Who wins in a fight to the death!!??

The poll was created at 18:56 on October 14, 2013, and so far 13 people voted.

Next Fight will be

Season 1 Premeire VS. Season 2 Premeire VS. Season 3 Premiere vs. Season 4 Premiere!!!!

Leave a comemnt on who you think will win this fight of the favorites. *Note who would win in a fight means to the death not who we think is cooler*.

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