WELCOME BACK TO THE 3RD VS. BLOG!!!! Today we will be looking at my opinion the closet fight yet. 2 small groups fighting against one another to the death!! Anyway the winner from last time was the Main Group.

Let's get started. First I want to explain something...each of the characters in the teams has his or her own unique upside. Tyreese - Not Good with Firearms but awesome with his hammer, Sasha - Expert Marksman (or Markswoman) Allen and Ben - They want to kill badly (Ben and Allen wanted to kill Hershel, Carl, and Beth in their second apperence and Allen wanted to go back to the Prison to kill Rick and the Group). Donna - yeah....i have no clue...

Next is the Prisoners from the comics. Tomas - He's a murder so he knows and does this kind of thing, Dexter - Same thing as Tomas only he killed his wife when she cheated on him...so a reason. Andrew - He's a Drug Addict and is willing to follow other peoples orders. Axel - Biker, Little overweight, Older, and has used guns in the past.

SO WHO WINS.....idk Honestly I can't tell so it's up to (well it has always been you) you!

Who Wins?

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You're welcome for adding a poll. ;) but still can you leave a comment saying who you think would win?

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