Hello this is a little blog I made for webisodes. NOW I know that Season 4 just started but I thought It would be a nice way to bring Season 5 in.........

The story would be Merle walking around in the building after Guts and drops almost dead from blood loss. The Governor, Marteniz, Haley, and others find him and bring him back to health. Then the Governor finds out about the Vatos Gang and plans an attack. They all go in the attack leaving nobody alive except for Shumpert (They'd reveal the unnamed Vatos Gang Member played by the same actor was Shumpert) who would join them. Then they'd leave to make Woodbury.

How this could work?

This could work because they're is a deleted scene in the season 2 premiere where the group finds the Vatos Gang Dead and some of them not only have bite marks in them but bullets like they've been shot. Plus Merle mentions in Season 3 that the Governor found Merle half dead or almost Dead. Also the unnamed Vatos Gang member is actually played by the same actor as Shumpert. Now I know that the deleted scene in Season 2 was Deleted (NOOO really) I still think they could announce that the scene is Canon.

Leave a comment if you like this idea for a 5 part webisode.

Also here i got this idea for a blog after reading Thekingofall24's blog titled Vatos is Dead.

And finally I know that we shouldn't even be talking about webisodes but hey it is a good idea, is it not?

Anyways see you all later.