WOW.....I had to do this didn't I......WOW...srry last time i say wow but really I put a crap ton of effort in these blogs so I hope you enjoy.

ALSO as was stated in my prevous blog which was pointed out by Pops, I am sorry but I have a big Grammer problem so I'm very sorry if you can't take the blog serously if I say something wrong.

Here we go, well actually you see there isn't a lot of bad episodes of TWD so This will be a top 5.

Number 5. Chupacabra from Season 2

Wow this episode sucked....okay Merle is in it....great. Now Merle is my one of my favs of all time but in Chupacabra he sucks, now why is that? Well it is a tease and it only is an hallutionation of Merle.....thx Daryl. But other then that why the hell would Hershel let Daryl ride a horse Named Nervous Nelly??? Like if she is easily scared she shouldn't be riden around walkers at all! This kinda ruins the episode for me. But there is 2 things i love. 1. A Chupacabra is mentioned XD now I do believe in Bigfoot, Loch Ness, and stuff like that and I love the Chupacabra legend so it was nice to hear that. 2. It is the start of Carol <3 Daryl YESSS srry love that paring.

OVERALL: Not bad but the reveal that Merle isn't really there pisses me off.

Number 4. When the Dead Come Knocking from Season 3

Wow a lot of people hate this episode and I know why. I used to love it but then after rewatching it I realized how stupid it is, and the stupidest thing in this is.....Hulk Glenn. Just wow. Maggie getting sorda raped by the Gov is horrible to watch but the one thing this episode has that changes the series is.....Michonne joining the group but unlike the comics version she isn't treated well (besides Hershel treating her wounds). Although besides those things there is only nitpicks with this episode like the title.....When the Dead Come Knocking WOW i get why it's called it but it is just a horrible name.

OVERALL: Terrible episode with horrible scenes but has some major things to the story.

Number 3. Walk With Me from Season 3

While this is the best episode in storywise on the list it still sucks. Michonne and Andrea go to Woodbury where we meet Merle (again), Gov, Shumpert, Marteniz, and Milton, but things arn't what they seem BA BA BAHMMM!!! There is 4 good things with this episode, Merle and Andreas talk, The National Guard scene, The Crashed Helicopter Scene, and just Woodbury. Now Woodbury looks nothing like its Comic counterpart but just when you look around the scenes you can tell that there was effort into making this (no shit). The problems simple SO MANY NITPICKS and PLOTHOLES like how come Rowan naked in his bed (did they have sex? Are they F Buddies? Like what happened there), why kill the National Guard when you can just bring them to Woodbury and have them for guards? Why does Michonne kill her walkers that quickly, she even mentions later in the season that she knew them before the zombie outbreak? and so many more.


Number 2. Isolation from Season 4

Yeah hell no, this episode take our characters Rick, Carol, Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne, and all of them and turns them insane well sorda. They freakin take people and throw them in a quorintine room while the rest deals with day to day life, Kids and All! But that isn't the main problem, the main problem is Tyreese and Ricks fight......It sucks so damn much! The fight from the comics was long and had suspence but the one here just ARGH is horrible! Tyreese and Rick fight, Daryl tries to pull Rick away, Rick smashes Tyreeses face and breaks his hand (Rick's hand). This awesome scene in the comics and so badly portrayed in the show just ruins it!

OVERALL: Good Episode but......Tyreese and Ricks fight was so.....Nope if I mention it one more time I'll explode.

Number 1. Live Bait from Season 4

The newest episode and the boringest (if that is a word XD). The way they hype the hell out of the episode saying The Gov is Back and Shit will go Down! turns out to be the Gov playing Chess and doing charity work for the eldery......ACTION PACKED CHARITY WORK!!!! But really though I hated the beard that the gov had and really Lilly???? You fucked the Gov right next to your sister and her daughter?? Just wow. But one thing this episode did right was prove me right. I knew that Marteniz and Shumpert would leave the Gov Behind but while some said I was wrong this episode proved me right :D. But 3/4ths of the episode is the Gov just talking to Lilly and the family and making Pirate Memes. ARGH

OVERALL: So boring

Hope you enjoyed, tell me what are your worst episodes and say if you agreed or not.

Here is a link to my Top Ten Fav list.

Note: Okay this is my opinion so go away if you hate it so much you want to make rude comments.