Hi Guys welcome to the fourth vs. blog. let's gert on with the winner from last time....................................The Prisoners (Comics). Wow I thought Tyreeres was gonna win but whatever that was 2 days ago lets get on with todays fight.

The Hunters: The Hunters are cannibals and murderous people. They kill with no Mercy so they have an adventege for Brutality but the National Guard have 2 advantages....They have a crap ton of weaponry, By the looks of their camp they have loads of vechiles. Oh yeah and they are trained to fight but yet again they were all killed in one episode.

Who Wins? I think the National Guard would dominate them completly. Leave a comment who you think would win and leave a vote in the poll.

Next Fight: Rick's Original Group in Atlanta (Comics) vs. Lee's Group (Episode1/Drug Store)

Who Wins?

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P.S the next fight was Ghost's Idea give him credit.