Hey remember that list that people called me a girl for doing? Well I'm making a second one so....yeah.

LAST TIME: We covered the fan couples of


Daryl/Carol =D




Now we are doing TV Couples k? I might do a Comic one. Now let's go!

1. Lori Grimes x Shane Walsh

Okay, last time I didn't talk about it cause it was a stupid couple but whatever. Okay so Lori thinks Rick is dead and so fucks Shane directly after like a week or so after the apocalypse began. Lori after Rick comes back and she rejects shane. for Rick because she loves him which is good. So after Shane decides to attempt to rape Lori in the CDC which makes anyone that had any respect for the couple go. yea no thanks, this is no good.

Lone = 2.0/10

2. Daryl Dixon x Beth Greene

HA NO! Look at them together it is so weird to even look at them together and think of them as a couple. I don't get how people like this couple, It's so dumb. 

Deth = 1.0/10

3. Bob Stookey x Sasha

I don't really think they like like each other, I think they don't really know what to think of each other. Also their only kiss was really awkward. I bet Sasha in mid makeout was like "uh...wtf am I doing? Crap he thinks I like him" or some shit like that. I don't really care for the couple so.....

Bobsha = 6.0/10

4. Lilly Chambler x The Governor

I don't like this couple at all. The Gov and Lilly just have a really strange relationship. Gov obviously loves her and Mehgan but I think Lilly just went with him cause of well who else?? She was thinking that at the time but then they got to the camp with Martinez so IDK she didn't dump him if what I said is true. Yet it's an opinion. Not to mention they fuck right next to sleeping Tara and Mehgan in a small area........yea....strange.

Governor Chambler = 3.0/10

5. Andrea x The Governor

Not gonna talk about it cause enough has been said so....

Andrnor = 1.5/10

6. Andrea x Shane Walsh

I don't understand this at all. She randomly screws shane in a car after they train with guns. And they really do nothing after that together. Not to mention in S3 Andrea when she went to the prison she saw Shane wasn't there and if she had any feelings for him she just was like "Eh". Slut alert!

Shanea = 4.5/10

7. Beth x Doomed to Die

Let's be honest....whoever Beth kisses will get eaten alive.

Bech = .5/10 and Bemmy = 1.0/10

Hope  you guys liked this blog. Have a nice Day/Night.

Somebody is going to call me a girl or say im girly in the comments and I'm not girly but I enjoy judging the couples in the show.


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