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TWD: What if Files 2: What if Tyreese killed Rick during their fight in the comics or Reversal

Pigpen077 November 17, 2013 User blog:Pigpen077

Welcome to another classified document of TWD What if?

Last time it was what if Shane killed Rick in Season 2 and Carl didn't see Shane kill Rick.

Today is........What if Tyreese killed Rick during their fight in the comics or if Rick killed Tyreese in the Comics during their fight.

Tyreese Kills, Questions:

How would Lori and Carl respond, how would the group respond, how would Michonne respond, Would Tyreese be kicked out, Would they kill Tyreese, Would they lock him up like they did to Dexter?

Rick kills, Questions:

How would the group respond, would Rick step down, how would Michonne and Carol respond, would Carl look at rick like he was a monster?

I hope you enjoy these blogs cause I love the idea of What ifs

Leave your Comments on what you think would happen.


What if Randall got away from the group and sent his group after them


What if the Governor killed Lily at the end of Made to Suffer and lived up to the point of Negan's introduction

I'm deciding on which one to do.

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