HELLO IT'S PIGPEN (no shit) and here for a blog I've wanted to do for a while....as we all know TWD TV series has mos...well and the comics have certain story arcs. We Will be discussing the TV Arcs. I'll tell you my fav Arc and least fav arc. You can tell me in the comments below.

The Atlanta Arc

The Merle Arc is a short arc spanning 3 episodes. It focuses on the group in Atlanta. They go back. They go back again for Merle. It's a simple arc with one of my fav episodes in it "Guts"

EPISODES: Guts, Tell it to the Frogs, Vatos

Atlanta city 3

The CDC Arc

Lasting 2 episodes, it is one of the shortest Arcs. This arc has the group leaving their camp and heading out. They find the CDC building and take shelter with Dr. Jenner. However things turn shitty when the CDC is about to explode!

EPISODES: Wildfire, TS-19


The Sophia Arc

Sophia gets separated and dies. They don't know she died and look everywhere for her. Then in a Shyamalan twist, Sophia appears as a Zombie/Walker in the barn. 

EPISODES: What Lies Ahead, Bloodletting, Save the Last One, Cherokee Rose, Chupacabra, Secrets, Pretty Much Dead Already

Sophia under car

The Randall Arc

After Sophia's tragic death, Hershel falls into depression and drinks. Rick and Glenn attempt to get him back but another group attacks the three. After killing some members they wound Randall. Instead of leaving Randall for the dead they take him back. The rest of the season (minus the finale) is about them deciding Randall's fate.

EPISODES: Nebraska, Triggerfinger, 18 Miles Out, Judge Jury Executioner, Better Angels


Taking the Prison Arc

Rick and the group find a prison. They believe it is a safe haven and they attempt to clear it out entirely to live there for at least a while.

EPISODES: Seed, Sick, Killer Within, Say the Word, Hounded


"War" Tension Arc

The Group after discovering Woodbury is now on the brink of war against the sadistic town. And for all the episodes War tension is going up and up to the worst finale ever.....

EPISODES: When the Dead Come Knocking, Made to Suffer, The Suicide King, Home, I Ain't a Judas, Arrow on the Doorstep, Prey, This Sorrowful Life, Welcome to the Tombs


The Flu Arc AKA the "I" Arc

After Surviving the "War" (fuckin Mazzara) the group is at peace. But when a deadly flu comes it threatens the lives of everyone! Nobody is safe from the infection.

EPISODES: Infected, Isolation, Indifference, Internment

HenryFlu (Internment)

The 7 Months in Between Arc

The Governor after being ditched by Martinez and Shumpert lives on his own and seems to have given up his evil ways. But that changes quickly. Set Between the Events of Welcome to the Tombs - Internment. It last 2 episodes.

EPISODES: Live Bait, Dead Weight


Terminus Arc AKA Finding Each Other Arc

After the battle the group is completely separated. They all find signs leading to Terminus "a safe haven" for everyone. The groups make their way to the location with dangers at every corner.

EPISODES: After, Inmates, Claimed, Still, Alone, The Grove, Us, A

First group to arrive at the terminus

Poll / Other stuff

Fav Arc?

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Hated Arc?

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Now what are your 3 fav arcs and what arc do u just hate the most?

My Favs and hated are


1. Terminus Arc

2. Atlanta Arc

3. Taking the Prison Arc


1. War Tensions Arc

Leave your thoughts below!


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