WTF is a guy making this blog for XD idk I just found something kinda odd although not really. Its the couples in the show and IK Relationships are a big part of the Walking Dead Story but damn let's look at things and you guys leave your thoughts. Here are some of the main couples I'll talk about

1. Karen x Tyreese

Okay for some reason I knew they were gonna hook up but I never really felt bad when Karen was found dead. Why? 2 reasons. 1 - Never really liked the couple IDK just didn't for some reason. 2 - Who cares about Karen? just I never really even gave 2 shits about her. Oh well anyways moving on.

Karen x Tyreese = 5.8 outta 10

2. Maggie x Glenn

Okay in the comics this is a great couple but in the just no no no no. I think the reason I hate the couple in the show is because....Glenn. Glenn WAS one of my Season 1, 2 and mid 3 but when the second half of 3 came around he just became a selfish, vengence seeking, douchebag oh yeah and btw they have sex so many times in the show you could have a drinking game off it which they are the most akward couple so.....yeah it's pretty damn akward to watch.

Maggie x Glenn = 6.9 outta 10 *snickers* get it XD

3. Lori x Shane

Dafuq am I putting this on IDK moving on

REAL number 3. Carol x Daryl

I will admit I am a fan of Carol Dixon or whatever it's called but on the show starting with Episode 1 of Season seems like they are a couple. Why? Well Carol states "I liked you first." and second calls him pookie not to mention Daryl playing elbows her and in Season 3 Daryl was so sad to have to kill Carol *even though it turns out she lived* and Ik what your saying. "Well duh hes sad he has to kill one of his friends as a zombie." Well yeah I'd be sad too but the thing is. Daryl put Dale outta his misery, didn't react at all to T-Dogs death bu the was sad about Andrea. but oh well maybe they are a couple maybe not.

Carol x Daryl = 9 outta 10

4. Daryl x Michonne

OKAY HEAR ME OUT! In episode 3 of Season 4 Daryl talks to Michonne in kinda of a weird way IDK just when he was talking to Michonne while he was looking at the engine of Zacks car they both sounded well embarrised. IDK they arn't a couple and I don't really see that ever happening.

Daryl x Michonne = 3.0 outta 10

5. Beth x Zack and Jimmy

Beth just.....she doesnt deserve to have a boyfriend. Lets look at this.....Jimmy. When Maggie talks to Beth about Suicide she mentions what about Jimmy and Beth says she doesn't really care. -_- wow thx Beth nice of you to be kind to people. *rolls eyes*. And now with Zack they dated for at least 6 months (I think) she reacts to his death who cares I dont cry. WOW

Beth x Redshirts = 2.1 outta 10

6. Beth x Carl

OKAY STOP EVERYONE EVERYONE!!!! They can not be a couple at ALL! Carl is 13 and Beth is 18 that is considered to be Pedophile. So if someone says to you Beth and Carl are made for eachother NO NO NO they are not that would mean Beth is a pedo so stop they dont even talk to eachother argh fuckin weirdos.

Beth x Carl = 0.0 why CAUSE THAT WOULD BE PEDO

7. Rick x Lori

Um....Lori died and Rick went apeshit. Lori thought Rick hated her but in reality Rick loved her to death. Lori cheated on Rick with Shane when they thought he was dead. Lori tried to keep being pregnat a secret. They have sex in the shower in Season 1. They have a kid. Rick sees Ghost Lori. Ghost Lori goes away in Season 4. That's it, I can't talk about this relationship really cause it is so damn complicated.

Rick x Lori = 8.5 outta 10

Now I did not talk about T-Dog and Jacquai or something like that, Andrea and Shane, Andrea and the Govenor, Daryl and Beth, and stuff like that. Why? cause they are so dumb they shouldn't be talked about. Then why did you talk about Beth and Carl....I didnt i insulted any human that thinks about this pair and what pedos they are.

Also finally which couple is your fav or which do you hate with a passion. Leave in Comments. :) have a nice day.