Welcome to a new standalone blog where I will discuss why I feel TWD S3B is better then 3A

Haters Gonna Hate

Okay, now people that hate season 3 *cough* Everyone on the wiki *cough* please don't use hateful comments. I'd like you opions BUT please don't use any foul languane and please excuse me for spelling errors.

What Part 1 Brought Us


Good Things

  1. An Action Packed Premiere
  2. Lori's Death
  3. Merle's Reintroduction
  4. The Introduction of Milton, Tyreese, Sasha, and Michonne (sorda, I mean she was sorda in S2)
  5. Killer Within in General
  6. Axel and Oscar's Introduction
  7. Merle's Rascim is almost gone
  8. Shane Cameo

Bad Things

  1. The Worst Mid Season Finale Ever!
  2. T-Dog's Death and little to no Develpment for the character in general
  3. Big Tiny dieing before getting any develpment
  4. Almost all the episodes
  5. Oscar is killed (thus making the 1 Black Guy Alive Mazzara Theory true)
  6. Tomas being the most pointless Antagonist Ever
  7. Andrea taking a Warm Bed over a Friend thus starting the hatred for the character for me
  8. The Governor not having his famous Eye Patch
  9. The Entire Hermit Scene
  10. No Alice or Dr. Stevens

What Part 2 Brought Us

S3Midseason Poster

Good Things

1. Deaths of Ben, Allen and Andrea

2. This Sorrowful Life and Clear

3. Daryl and Merle's Scenes Together

4. Milton's Character Arc

5. Tyreese's Develpment

6. Morgan's Reintroduction

7. The Governor Finally turns into the man we thought we'd see in Part A

8. Carol turning into a badass (She sorda started in Part 1 but she truly became one in Part 2)

9. Almost all the Episodes

10. Rick Turning back into the Sane Rick we know and love

11. The Governor getting his Eyepatch

Bad Things

  1. Welcome to the Tombs AKA Mazzara's Biggest Troll
  2. Andrea and Miltons death scenes
  3. Lot's of Plot Holes
  4. All of the Ghost Lori Arc
  5. Carl Grimes just being a douche to Rick
  6. Merle's Death

Reason for Number 5 on Bad Things for Part 2

Okay So Carl at the end of Welcome to the Tombs wants nobody to join the group and blames the deaths of Lori and Merle on Rick WHICH first of all listen Rick had become a pycopath in almost half of Season 3 due to the death of Lori so you're going to blame her death on him to his face??? You're an Idiot. Second you and Judith mean the only thing to him at all right now and you have the balls to insult him like that?


Do You agree that Part 2 is better then Part 1

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BONUS: Pigpen's The Types of Anons List

The Types of Anons

1 - The "Rager", The Rager will show signs that he indeed is obvously imagining being smart and posting in either A = All Caps or B = The Comment is just hate

2 - The "I'm Smarter then You!", The Anon will not use swears and will have no signs of number 1, But will attempt to keep their comments look like a report or essay.

3 - The "Friendly guy", The Anon that doesn't show any traits of Number 1 and 2 and will act as a normal user.

4 - The "Pretender", Has a number of traits of Number 1. Once proven wrong these creatures will attempt to pretend like they knew that all along.

5 - The "Troll", This kind of species will post negative comments about blogs, and users. They are negative to be around.

6 - The "I know everything", This Type will have a number of traits as Number 2. They will act as they know everything about everyone and thing.

7 - The "Spoiler", This anon will just spew Spoilers

I hope this list helps you respond and handle Anons <- That Line is a Joke, Don't take offense most anons are the third type. But all these anons are actual types.