Hi Guys!!! Welcome to the 6th VS. Blog now today we are doing a fight that is a little strange. We are taking the First Enemy Group of Survivers from Telltale Game's The Walking Dead (Save Lot Bandits) vs. Archer Creek Group wich was friendly and took camp at the dam in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Last time's winner was......Rick's Original Atlanta Group (Comics). On with the Fight!

The Save Lot Bandits are very unorganized and seem like they suck at using their weapons. BUT!!! They have known each other before the apocolypse due to them working at the same store so they trust each other.....Well most of the time. Plus they take hostages, use ransoms and will do anything to get what they want so they are Rurthless and give no mercy. They use Pistols, Knives, Crossbows and Rifles.

Next we have the Archer Creek Group which is a group you can encounter in Surival Instinct. They have around 40 families living there. They have mostly rifles but have the best accurancy ever. They never miss a headshot....but yet again nobody in the series does. But you know what I mean. Only two of them are named and they are Chris Brian and Sheila Scheneider. Also by judging on Sheila Schenider's Prefered weapons it's safe to presume that Archer Creek also had Shotguns and Pistols.

Who Wins? No Idea too close for me. Hope you guys like these blogs. Leave a comment on who you think will win and vote in the poll.

Next Week's Fight!!!!


Merle Dixon (Tv Series) and Glenn ( Tv Series) vs. Daryl Dixon (Survival Instinct) and Shane (Comics)

UPDATE: WOW GUYS thx to you guys This is now my favorite Wiki and I want to thank everyone I love doing these Fights/Blogs so I hope you enjoy them. Until Next Time PIGPEN OUT. :)

Who Wins?

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