WELCOME BACK TO THE FIFTH VS BLOG. Today I want to thank Ghostwolf716 for his awesome idea of a fight. This fight is his idea so give him all the credit. Okay so the winner from last time was....National Guard serously only 2 people picked the hunters and 28 for the NG LOL.

Okay so the fight....

Lee's group includes - Lee, Clemintine, Kenny, Carley, Lily, Larry, Doug, Duck (or Kenny jr.) and Katjaa. They had only a couple of weapons like an axe, couple pistols and probaly a couple of knives. Lily used to be an Air Force Pilot so she knows how to use them and Carley seems to use them well (seeing that the Pistol is Carley's Signature Weapon).

Rick's Original Group includes -Rick, Lori, Carl, Allen, Shane, Billy, Ben, Carol, Andrea, Sophia, Donna, Amy, Jim and Dale. They have a lot of weapons. Lots of Pistols, one rifle, at least 2 shotguns, a magnum, and some knives. Rick and Shane are cops so they know how to use these weapons well.

So who wins? I think Rick's Group but they would let Clemintine, Duck and maybe Katjaa live.

So who do you think will win? Leave a comment and Vote on the poll.


Save Lot Bandits vs. Archer Creek Group (from Survival Instinct)

P.S I took out Glenn from both teams cause the Glenn in the Comics is the same Glenn as in the Telltale Game.

Who Wins?

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