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Prison Bus vs. Prisoners (TV Series)

Pigpen077 September 29, 2013 User blog:Pigpen077

Welcome back guys to the newest Vs. Blog. Last time 400 Days Group won against the Hunting Group from Survival Instinct. Lets get to the fight. :)

Prison Bus - We got Vince who was convicted or murder, Danny who was convicted for Rape, Justin arrested for Con Artist, Marcus who I beileve was convicted of Murder, and Jerry who....Yeah IDK what he was convicted of. We are only using the Prisoners so the 2 cops won't be in this.

Prisoners (TV Series) - We got Axel who was arrested for "Armed" Robbery (LOL water pistol), Oscar, who I have no Idea how got convicted, Tomas for Murder, Andrew for I'm gonna take a guess and say Armed Robbery...I'm guessing so IDK, and Big Tiny who I have no clue but it wasn't anything like killing a guy cause Axel said he was a good man.

Now both groups only have 1 weapon so I'm going to take those weapons away and give them each 5 weapons. Each team will get 1 Revolver, 1 Riot Shield, 1 Shotgun, 1 Machete, and 1 Bow with 10 arrows

Who Wins? COMMENT and VOTE.

Next Fight is

D.C Scavengers


The Mauraders

Who Wins?

The poll was created at 22:54 on September 29, 2013, and so far 44 people voted.

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