Hey guys so after debating on what Top Ten I should do next I decided what top ten or blog in general has been made about your fav zombie/zombies? None. SO HERE WE GO! TV Only btw

Also most of these will not have photos as for some reason I couldnt find any on the wiki even though there obviously are.

10. The Fire Pit Walkers

These walkers just look freakin amazing. I mean look at them. The makeup and design for them must have been top notch.

-from Prey

9. Screwdriver Walker

This walker was pretty cool. IDK why he just for some reason was a sorda intelligent zombie that almost took out that Blonde Slut Andrea. And for some reason this guy is very famous for Zombies on the show.

-from What Lies Ahead

8. Lori  Walker

Finally the asshole "queen"of TWD after being killed is eaten by this bloated walker. Although dont u find it funny that after 24 Hours after Killer Within Lori's Body was eaten completly bones in all? Oh well Mazzara Logic.

-from Say the Word

7. Beth and Daryl's "Campfire" Walkers

So after the stupidest scene ever in S4 (taylor swift and Daryl burn a potinel safe haven down) some walkers get caught in the fire and appear in the near Perfect The Grove. These guys are basiclly walking versions of the fire pit walkers.

-from The Grove

6. The Lurker

This Lurker caused Hershel's foot to be cut off and changing the character forever. By the way I thought he was pretty cool from the standpoint it's complete darkness and just some random walker attacks you and u dont even notice from it playing dead.

-from Seed

5. Mike and Terry

I just really like the idea of walkers being used to protect yourself against other walkers and the backstory of Michonne Plays apart with these guys.

-from Beside the Dying Fire, Seed, Walk with Me, Made to Suffer, Prey, After

4. The Well Walker

This guy almost kills Glenn and is torn in half. Hiding in a well, it was a huge, fat walker they needed to be put dwon. Even though he was in a shitty episode let's all be honest he's pretty damn weirdly cool.

-from Cheroke Rose

3. Dale's Walker

The Walker that took down Dale looked really damn cool and the makeup team did an outstanding job as they always do. Plus this walker adds to Carl's Develpment and Dale's End.

-from Judge, Jury, Executioner

2. Prison Walkers

The Riot Gear Prison Armored badass zombies from Seed were just awesome. They added an extra danger for the group because bullets and arrows can't get through. Plus the just look cool.

-from Seed

1. My Old Profile Pic Walker

Tank walker
he's just is awesome idk why I love this guy so much.


1. Okay so with the possible New Rule of 300 Words a Blog I will be posting all VS. Blogs and possible WWYB blogs on the Fourms.

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3. I will in every blog I make now except news blogs include a mini top 5 on the bottom of the blog.

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MINI TOP 5: Top 5 Animals in TWD

Okay so some people say "ANIMALS ARNT CHARACTERS" is wrong. For example. Free Willy, Jaws, Yogi Bear, Scooby-Doo, Riley from CoD: Ghosts, Marmaduke, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Black Beuty, Old Yeller, the entire Ice Age characters, and Eragon are not characters.......so in honor of Animal Characters let's count down the top 5 animals in TWD.

5. Nervous Nelly

4. The Piglets

3. Sam

2. Buttons

1. Shiva


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