You guys have no idea how good it is to be back making blogs xD. Anyways hello everyone and welcome to a top five hosted by the dumbest user on the wikia! No not! Pigpen077. Now I might have done a list of this a long time ago but it's time to redo it and get it on....not that way u dirty minds. Now let's begin.

Hounarble Mentions

Number 5. The Grove


"look at the flowers"

The Grove is argueably the best episode of S4 (My opinion it's number 2) Here is a fun game it's called name 10 things wrong with The Grove. It's kinda hard isn't it? This episode shuns out the rest of the group like Rick, Daryl, Beth, Carl, Bob, Maggie, Abraham, etc and focuses on the group of 5 that we I think saw the least of in S4B. Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith. This episode had some of the most suspenceful moments in the series so far and not to mention had a disturbing moment from the comics put into the show. The episode dived into Lizzie's mind and revealed that she was the rat killer all along. Who guessed that she'd be the one that did it right? everyone? huh....Anyways the episode doesn't end on a happy note either it just...well "Look at the Flowers" and they walk off and that's the last we see them until that Talking Dead Summer Special where we see a S5 preview which was terrible....

Number 4. Beside the Dying Fire

Beside The Dying Fire

The Square Dancing Party got really intense this year

The only S2 episode on here (besides hounarble mentions) and it's the best of the season. Before the episode we had "Better Angels" where Rick kills Shane...and then Carl kills Shane. Now that's where most people would be like "End of season cliffhanger?" which in all honestly could work as a season finale. But instead we got another episode and holy crap, thankfully we didn't have to wait till S3 for this. Beside the Dying Fire was a depressing, Action packed episode with a great ending where Rick reveals they are all infected.

Number 3. Clear

250px-AMC TWD Clear

"Next time on Hoarders"

SAY WHAT?? "I thought you said this was your fav?" Well it was my fav until I watched that red, white and blue TWD marathon. I'll get to that in a bit. Anyways this episode brought back our old friend Merl...I mean Morgan. Morgan has since become insane and needs to "Clear" AKA kill every damn walker. This episode I not only love for it's character develpment but for Morgan and Rick's scenes together...we all can agree dat shits haunting. This is another episode that I can safely say there is no pro.....well there are some nitpicks but there is no like huge plot holes and such like the rest of S3....anyways what else can I say "I couldn't leave this behind. It's too damn gorgeous."

Number 2. Welcome to the Tombs



Okay sorry sorry, no number 2 is not WTTT. Believe me I'm not that Too Far these puns suck. Anyways Too Far Gone is a great episode and the best of S4. With what SHOULD HAVE BEEN S3's finale was finally here and we got to watch it. This episode is not only famous for that but also being the best Mid season finale ever (in TWD), Hershel's death (not last apperance), and of course the infamous line "Liar". Now funny thing is yes I was sad when hershel died but I did not cry, why? Cus I saw it coming. For some strange reason a lot of us predicted Hershel was gonna get Tyreese's comic death. The action and plot is intense, Meghan dieing I did not see coming, and just overall awesome. This episode is truley the best of S4...besides Daryl taking the tank out.....

Number 1. This Sorrowful Life

Merle zombie 3x15

"You're right. I don't know why I do the things I do."

The best Original TWD character...Merle meets his end in this episode...When I rewatched this episode during Red, White & Blue weekend I realized how good this episode is. It truely is amazing. The Second to last episode of TWD S3 brought people to tears, made people go WTF, and most go "DAMN U MAZZARA!" This Sorrowful Life had truley the best plot, death scene and overall holy shit factor in it to make it the best episode yet. Not to mention for all those Merle haters, he redeems himself in this episode so fuck off! JK JK It's your opinion. Anyways what else can be said about this episode? R.I.P Merle Dixon (Da only good Dixon)

Thank You

I've been on this wikia for a year now and for most it's like "eh" but for me it's amazing. I want to thank all of you who supported me, had feedback and while hated my shit understood I tried. I also want to thank everyone for well just being awesome...weird right? But serously I have never laughed harder when I come on this wikia and talk with you guys. Weither I'm witnessing a Rap Battle, making a VS blog, Laughing at a Gif War or just in a comment war with anons (XD), I'm having a blast. So thank all of you. You all r truley some badass mofos.

This has been Pigpen077 and I'm back with Blogs. Leave your comments on ur list or anything u wanna say or well anything for dat matter.

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