What's the blog about.......read the title also this is just a fun little blog. VS: Comic Month will return next week

5. Runners

Now I'm talking like Call of Duty: World at War/Black Ops/Black Ops II Runners. That'd screw the entire comc and show off course into well.....Mazzara land

4. Zombie Animals

Seems cool at first but no.....let's be honest this would just kill the walking dead.

Although this is possible.....Pigs have simaler sized organs and well their organs aren't much different then our own so maybe the virus could infect them :O SHAMALYN PLOT TWIST ALERT

Pig 3

This Zombie Pig here is trying to attack Rick

3. It was all a dream!

How would you like it if your fav characters, moments, scenes, battles, fights, friendships, relationships and all of that never fucking happened in the shit you spent money on? Wouldn't be happy would you?

Beth in a coma being watched by Glenn and Maggie

"Don't worry Beth, it was all a dream. Zombies arn't real and you suck at singing"

2. Daryl Dies/Joins the Comic

NOW LISTEN! I wouldn't care if he died. I like the character and the actor but I'm not a fangirl/fanboy. I'm only saying this because some people would stop watching the show if they saw Daryl die. Also is Daryl joined the comics.......yea I don't think people would like that very much.....like....at all


"I sure hope this snake doesn't bite me and causes me to die....causing millions of Fangirls to riot"

If the TV show adapted the Issue 75 Ending......

-_- No......this ever happened I'd lose all my respect towards AMC, Gimple, and Kirkman.


Thought zombies were unrealistic? Replace the zombies here with Aliens and a fuckin cyborg Gov

BONUS: In Memory

Flame......one of the best characters in TWD history.....here is a small memorial to the character who did so much for us.

  • Watched Michonne get attacked
  • Got walked by Michonne
  • Made a funny face
  • R.I.P Flame...... "__________" Michonne Mourning over her fallen friend