Hey remeber the most controversial blog I've ever made Top 5 Worst Walking Dead Episodes? Well...I redid them..big time! I did lots of thinking. So Let's begin :) My Opinion.\

4 Hounarble Mentions

Cherokee Rose - Season 2 episode 4

Vatos - Season 1 episode 4 *note* It's the worst episode of S1...considering S1 is gold means it's a good episode...my logic is weird xD

Arrow on the Doorstep Season 3 episode 13

Walk With Me Season 3 episode 3.

Let's begin :)

5: Home

If you remeber I stated this WAS one of my favs but since then going back and rewatching it....well I didn't like it...I hated it besides Axel, Daryl, Carol, and Merle I did not like this episode. Also I just really hate Ghost Lori IDK Why xD

4: Chupacabra

I believe in Cryptids like Bigfoot and the Chupacabra are real...I also believe that this episode is shit. Teases Merle's return and introduces the most akward couple to watch on TWDTV Maggie x Glenn. P.S Thumbs up though for starting Carol x Daryl :D....again my logic is weird.

3: Indifference

Most controversial episode yet! So we got 2 characters who do nothing introduced and Carol is banished in which I believe is the stupidest TWD momment yet...I say momment not episode.  This is just my opinion but whatever haters gonna hate.

2: Welcome to the Fucking Tombs!

Not gonna talk about it.......enough has been said.

1: Still

I hate Beth like I REALLY REALLY Hate Beth almost as much as I hate Ed and if you've seen my blogs you'll know how much I hate that little woman abuser shit! Here's a comment/Review of the episode I posted on WalkerMaimers Review Blog of Still.

I like Daryl.............I wanted so badly for this to be a good episode so people will start liking him and I won't be a rare Daryl fan but....no. This is one of the worst episodes PERIOD!

AND YES..I even mean...........worse then Welcome to the fuckin Tombs. O_O yea that bad.

And Beth I just WTF even Beth fans can even admit she was a fucking bitch this episode. I mean LOOK she puts Daryl through hell for what? BOOZE! Worst episode ever! Although I found when Daryl put Beth in her place fuckin awesome. About damn time she get's her ass kicked (verbibally of course).

Another shitty part was......the ending weirdest shit ever.

  • sigh* people will now forever hate Daryl, his one chance to get people on this wiki and just everywhere to like him...and he failed. If I was Daryl I'd just say "hey listen bitch go get your own Booze." She goes to get it....dies. ALSO when Beth called Daryl a jerk....let's look at this Beth You wouldn't even survive the Night without him! Bitch you can barely kill 1 walker.

and yes this is my grade............. 1.5/10 I'm dead serous.

Agree with my list? OF COURSE NOT xD. But leave a comment below on if you agreed with my list. 

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The Original List: "This list sucks" - Everyone on the wiki including Pigpen077

"Pray for Andrea's Safety in All Out War, Fear the Hunters, Hide from the Dead and Stay Badass" -Pigpen077 (talk) 23:35, March 7, 2014 (UTC)