HELLO EVERYONE and I am making this blog cause well S2ep3 was released today and that has gotten everyone in the mood for Telltale's best game ever! Jurassic Park the Game

Anyways so I did a top ten already of my fav TV Scenes so let's make a seqeul top ten about my fav VG Scenes. Now a warning I HAVE NOT PLAYED S2 AT ALL!! I HAVE READ THE PLOTS AND SCENE LET'S PLAYS SO I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. Those S2 Scenes will not be featured in the list. This is S1 and 400 Days exclusive. Let's begin!

Hounarble Mentions

  • Stealing Shit from dat Car
  • The Entire Jolene Scene
  • Supper Time with the St. Johns
  • The Motel Raid

10: Train Ride from Hell!

Let's bbe honest S1ep3 was...emotional (just a little bit) and the entire fucking train ride (basiclly the entire episode) is a stress filled, terrible, scary, and well Chucky (c what I did there...yea ik it's a shitty joke). This tran ride is from fucking hell...wait who the hell rides those kind of trains anymore anyway?

VG Train 9

Ben gtfo! You know you aren't supposed to be here

9. Meat Locker

So after that wonderful meal with the St. Johns you end up locked in a fucking meat locker waiting to be slaughtered. r00d hosts. But anyways the real action is when Larry has a heart attack or something and died? Idk OH WAIT yes I do cause even if he was alive the majestic Kenny ended his life in the best death in TWD history.


That's fucking the best Death in any VG!

8. A Little History Lession with Lee and Omid

In Ep3 of S1 when your train ride from hell is over....well I mean playable at least. Omid and Lee discuss some Southern History and I feel Telltale put this in to teach us. Thank You Telltale you make a crappy Back to the Future game but you still have the ballz to teach us something new.

Kenny Omid lee

I don't think this is the pic but hey I tried. Haters gonna hate!

7. Lee goes in the Sewers like a bo...OH SHIT CHUCK NO!

So in Ep4 of S1 Lee get's serpated from Kenny, Molly and Clem. What does he do? Sewer. So he goes in there and does all dis crazy shitz like turn on water and stuff but he also finds our freind Chuck...I'll miss you Chuck I'll fucking never forget you!!!!!

AEC Chuck Death

R.I.P Chuck. Rest in fucking Peace

6. Hanging with your bud Doug

In Ep1 you must go in a little cage with Doug and throw shit and windows. Seems fun. But then when you throw u c some TVs and Doug becomes a Doller Tree Version of Macgyver. BOOM Zombies go an watch some TV. Classic Doug.

Doug Lee Drugstore

Doug watches Lee give up and walk into the Zombie Horde

5. Wyatt's Story

Wyatt is that character that we all think sucks at first glance but then realize "he pretty damn cool." Now Wyatt's story involves so many funny things that all  Road Trip Movies should have like, Running Over People CLASSIC!!! Talking about Doing Drugs BADASS!!! Running away from Violent criminals that want t o fucking murder you....REBEL ALERT!!! If you didn't realize I was being sarcastic :P

400D Wyatt SAA

Shit put the gun down you idiot it could be a car.

4. Shel's Story

Honestly my 2nd fav 400 Days story. Shel while not one of my favs and becca...being a shitty version of Clem do hold up a good story. Roman is pretty interesting I guess and the walker guards! That's actually pretty cool. Sure an old man could get killed in the episode but let's face it.....he beat up Kenny...fucker deserved it.

Roman's Choice


3. Vince's Story

Okay the best story in 400 Days goes to the best character in 400 Days. Vince. Vince is fucking awesome and this story taking place on a prison bus being taken over by the undead is genious I guess...idk what else to call it but yea. 

WDG Awards Vince's Story

Murder, Rapist and a Con Man. Huh why is it I could see that as a shitty TV Sitcom

2. Dude that guy's face!

It's a funny scene.....haters gonna hate.

Omid Dixon Kent III

Omid's lonely...his only friend is that statue and all he does is live in his treehouse. Poor Omid

1. Lee's Return in S2


New Lee's Character Model


jk....he's dead.

REAL 1. Gotta scroll down to read it!

Serously was their any doubt Lee's death scene in Ep5 was the most heartbreaking moment in Gaming history. People legit Cried! Ik I shed a tear or 2..or 3...10...fine it was 17!! This scene is so sad and so well made how could you not love it....R.I.P Lee


R.I.P You Badass

I hope you guys enjoyed. Bye Guys!

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