HELLO ONCE AGAIN and btw people the VS. Blogs are on hold and will start up again in March but anyways lots of you loved my Walking Dead top 10 episodes blog so I decided to make a well...sequal where I'll give you my 5 best and 5 worst TWD Villains. NOTE: They have have to appear as live humans not zombies, and this list counts all canons, Video Game, Comic, TV, Novel, IOS Game etc. So lets begin with NUMBER 5 BEST

Note: By best I mean did something to the group so the villains that affected the group the most.

5. Shane

This is Shane from Both the Comic and the Show (mostly the show) because Shane starts out as a nice guy but slowly turns into a psychopath that is willing to murder people for his own sake or to protect Lori (Otis TV, Rick BOTH, Randall, etc) Shane wasn't really well known until the show came out and made the character into this full on Psycho where you had no idea what would he do. Shane we may like you or hate you but either way, you're a pretty bad guy.

4. Dexter

Dexter is the main villain of Volume 4 cause....there is no villain in Volume 4 but him so....well he first appears in Volume 3 and seems kinda nice although we soon realize he has a temper problem. He killed people and is willing to blow anyones brains out to keep them out of the prison. He also plays a big part of the entire TWD Comics story. He is the first person Rick kills after the zombies first appeared. The reason Dexter isn't number 3 is because well.....he didn't kill off almost every main character unlike number 3. Dexter you have a small fanbase but we like Oscar better.

3. The Governor

The Governor is the most well known TWD Villain YET. Negan will take that over if he survives all out war. But both The Governor in the comics and Show are brutal animals. They start out nice and kind but then you find out that he murders The National Guard for weapons, Has a head room full of Undead Walker Heads, a torture room, a zombie daughter, has no mercy, has an arena where people fight to the death and not to mention murders almost all the main characters. (Hershel, Tyreese, Judith, Lori, Axel, Patricia, etc). The Governor we look forward to see you in Season 4.

2. Negan

STOP i see you writing that comment, let me explain. Negan is a brutal brutal person. He is the leader of the saviors and killed Glenn, Spencer, and most likely Michonne later in All out war but number one is number one for a reason I think tops this. Now Negan is a villian that simply kicks ass. He is the only villian I will admit is just fuckin a badass. Negan what more do I need to say.

1. The St. Johns

Yup.....nobody likes these fucking awful garbage characters. All of them are evil monsterus canibals. They make number one because even though they only kill one of the group members (Mark) they do something to the group that nobody else but the Stranger did. Heres a small list

1. Tried eating a kid

2. Held a child hostage

3. Fed human meat to people

4. Locked group in a meat locker which caused the death of Larry (but who cares about larry)

5. Since Larry died, It raised the tention between Kenny and Lily by 100%

6. They eat people.

Does that explain why these people are so evil that they need to be number 1.


note: by worst I mean villains that almost did nothing to the group

5. Andrew (Comics)

Andrew in the show at least indirectly caused the deaths of T-Dog and Lori but Andrew in the comics is Dexters Bitch. Does nothing but let him out of the cell and follows his command then runs away just to turn into a zombie.

4. The Marauders

3 Brothers that randomly show up and try to kill Rick, Abraham, and Carl seems bad. Wait they now want to rape carl? Okay now they are just insane sickos. Wait they die without taking anyone with them and nobody brings them up again? Yeah they did something to the group you know attack Rick, Carl and Abraham and try to rape carl but other than that they...well just fail. Like honestly they set up the scene so that it seems like it will effect the story but....nope they just pretend it never happened. Marauders just put in to die.

3. D.C Scavengers

Really? They are the only villains in volume 13 and they appear in 4 issues of the six and they do nothing. Sure there deaths may have attracted more walkers but nobody really cares about them. They killed nobody named and freaking just suck. D.C Scavengers so forgettable never was more bland.

2. Ed

let me make this clear......I HATE ED SO FUCKING MUCH. okay now that is out of my chest lets continue. Ed only smacks Carol which causes Shane to beat him up and make him need to lay down in a tent to rest only to get eaten by walkers. He really serves no purpose but to feel bad for Carol. BTW I hate this character more than I hate any character in TWD Franchise (Comics, Novels, TV, Games, etc). Ed......fuckin asshole (excuse my langue, I used a lot of it.)

1. Tomas (TV)

Tomas from the comics killed two little girls that affected the group in a huge way but TV Tomas just well....."Ha pushed a walker on you and missed hitting you with my machete. I also killed Big Tiny (a redshirt) arn't I the greatest thing eve..." "Shit happens *SLICE*" That is really all i can say about Tomas from the show. That is really all he does.

Now did you agree with my list? Leave your comments below I leave reading peoples opinions about what I write or type. IDK why i just do.

Anyways I might do more of these but most likely won't cause these take a while to make. 

NEXT TIME (if i do make another one) - Top Ten Volumes