Last prediction I did which was for Too Far Gone actually I got some parts right for example...I some how guessed Daryl would take out the tank xD I was shocked myself. So...hey why not post a prediction for this.

TONIGHTS EPISODE - Tyreese, Judith, Carol, Lizzie, Mika, Rick, Michonne, Carl Episode

Tyreese, Carol, Judith, Mika, and Lizzie find a "safe" haven for the night

They get swarmed with Mika getting bitten but keeps it a secret

They get seperated, Tyreese with Judith, Carol with Lizzie and Mika

<Don't have anything during the middle of the episode srry>

In the last 15 mins Tyreese and Judith come across Rick who was doing something (idk....craping idk)

Tyreese and Judith join Rick, Carl and Michonne. Rick and Carl start crying over seeing Judith alive.

Meanwhile Lizzie finds Mika bitten. She remebers her dad dying and how Carol taught them you need to be strong. Lizzie kills Mika annd then either Shoots herself or Carol finds them and Lizzie gets attacked by a walker and yells for Carol to help. Carol walks away crying. She then meets with the rest of the group. EPISODE ENDS

NEXT EPISODE - Daryl, Beth, Joe, Rosita, Glenn, Abraham, Tara, Eugene Episode

Daryl and Joe's Group arrive to their camp where Daryl sees many suspcious food. Joe then states he must take care of something and walks away.

Beth is then seen thrown in a tent and starts crying. Then one of the kidnappers comes to her and threathens her life. 

He walks out of the tent and says to another kidnapper who has his back turned the camera and he says "We got fresh meat for tonight." He walks away and the man he was talking to turns to reveal himself as Joe.

MEANWHILE Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene are shown following the tracks when Tara states they should set camp. Glenn trys to talk them out of it but they continue with camp.

MEANWHILE Daryl starts to talk to some of the members of the group but they are shadowy and don't talk much.

Daryl investigates some noise (beth) and is stopped by a Member of the group named Chris. Chris tells him it's nothing but Daryl threatens to "beat his ass to the ground" if he doesn't let him pass. Joe comes by and leads Daryl away where he knocks him out and takes with crossbow.

MEANWHILE NIGHTFALL, Glenn and Eugene are shown asleep. Abraham, Rosita, and Tara stay awake by the fire. The Disscus there next move

MEANWHILE Daryl wakes to see fire and sees Chris and Joe arguing over who to apperently eat. Chris then stabs Joe in the stomach and takes the leadership of the group. Daryl goes wide eye when he sees Beth being carried by 2 group members. EPISODE ENDS


Rick, Carol, Tyreese, Judith, Carl and Michonne are shown to find Abraham's camp and Rick and Abe start a fight but the entire group stops when they see Glenn wake up. Rick and Abe make up.

MEANWHILE Daryl is dragged to the fire where the hunters plan to burn him after Beth. Right before beth is thrown in the fire she reveals she was bitten during Daryl and Beth's escape. She says she's tainted meat and laughs.

Chris decides to kill her and just before he does Daryl escapes his captors and beats him almost killing him until a Hunter stabs him in the shoulder. Chris gets up and brutually beats Daryl. Beth is seen crying.

MEANWHILE Rick and the gang talk about stuff and Thaaaaaangs but they here crying and yelling in the distance. Rick, Abe, Glenn, Rosita and Tyreese go investigate.

They find Daryl almost dead and the hands of the Hunters. Chris looks up and tells his fellow hunters we got guests.

<Huge fight lasts a lot of the episode>

Beth turns into a walker and attack Tyreese. Ty pushes her away and says "I'm sorry" and beats her with his hammer. Guts fly onto camera.

Rick and Abe beat Chris to a bloody pulp. Rick holds him down.

the rest of the hunters flee leaving Rick, Abe, Tyreese, Rosita, Glenn, Chris and a badly wounded Daryl at the aftermath of the carnage. Ricks turns to Chris and asks him the 3 questions. Chris answers all of them wrong and Rick shoots him. COMMERICAL BREAK

MEANWHILE Maggie, Bob and Sasha also heard the noise and went to investigate but instead found Carol, Judith,Carl, Tara, Michonne and Eugene.

Rick and Tyreese are shown carrying Daryl who is now awake. Abe, Glenn and Rosita walk alongside them.

The entire group gets together. Glenn and Maggie kiss then Glenn tells her about Beth to which she starts crying. Carol either hugs Daryl or kisses him. Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Tyreese talk. Abe, Rosita, Eugene look confused on how they are all reacting to meeting each other. The end scene shows the entire group and find the sactuary where as they get close they come across a guy who is named Nicholas. He looks at them and smiles. He says. "Hey....welcome to Alexandriea."


S5 will include D.C Scavengers, Tease at Negan, Carol confronting Tyreese and more.

So do you like my theory. I perosnally really like it.

NOTE: This is not a fanfic.

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I took away a line that said "we are the hunters fear us" cause it was too cheesy xD