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Pigpen077's TOP 10 Favourite Episodes of TWD

Pigpen077 October 22, 2013 User blog:Pigpen077

Hey guys this is my i think seond or third blog this week and probaly my last wait....oh it is my third XD k then this is my last for this week but I really wanted to do this for a while.


Now lets get some runner up....Numbers 11 and 12 you can say.

RUNNER UP .1: Prey

Prey for a lot of reasons is some of peoples least favourite episode and I think that that they are very wrong. The scenes with Andrea being chased by The Govenor is very suspeneful and fun to watch although at times stupid as hell (HOW DOES THE GOVENOR ESCAPE THE WAREHOUSE!? HES CORNERED BY WALKERS!) okay srry i really just get mad at that scene. but honestly the best part of the episode was....Tyreese. I will admit I wasn't a big fan of Tyreese on the show but then this episode came out and honestly is now one of my favs on the show. Also this episode gave the supposive Red Shirt/Background Character Allen a lot of character develpment but failed in the end.

OVERALL: Good episode but should have focused on Tyreese then Andrea.

RUNNER UP .2: Days Gone Bye

Okay do not hate me for this.....Yes Days Gone Bye is probbaly the best TV Pilot out there (Step aside Breaking Bad) but it's not the best episode. Sure Morgan is awesome in this episode and Rick is cool but I think Duane sucked in this episode.....his only episode and he sucked in it.....WOW. anyways It is a good episode, and the scene with the Horse getting eaten alive was pretty gory and gross. Oh yeah and the Tank Walker is one of my fav Walkers EVA!

OVERALL: Good Episode but Duane makes the episode a little bad.

.10: Vatos

Okay listen a lot of people also hate this episode.....and I see wh..WAIT nobody hates this episode it's just the worst in Season 1 and Season 1 was almost pure gold so.....forget my statement XD. but anyways I loved the Vatos Gang in general, The little twist that they were guarding the Elderly was a good twist and the fact that Glenn is captured makes the stakes higher. Awesome episode but the best part about it.....CAMEO BY SHUMPERT! sorda. :)

OVERALL: Good Episode but the Vatos Gang my opinion should have been shown more hostile to Rick's Group. IDK why just if I was guarding helpless people I'd be very hostile to any on the outside, like shoot before asking kinda thing.

9.: 18 Miles Out

4 Words, A Walking Dead Classic. 18 Miles Out is an awesome episode and has the best Rick and Shane moments in the show besides shane's death scene. The only reason why 18 Miles Out isnt number 5 or 6 or well higher is the fact of one thing.......Beth. Now listen I don't like Beth....at all and this episode started me on the track of dislike toward the character. The first and probbaly only big Beth episode has Beth attempting Suicide....well nice first impression. Shane and Ricks scenes are the best thing ever besides....well we will get to it. :) 

OVERALL: Just an Awesome Episode held down by the Beth.....thx Beth *rolls eyes*

.8: Home

Daryl and Merle are awesome....just gonna get this off my chest......Anyways Home is an awesome episode with my opinion the most underrated Zombie fight in the show. Merle and Daryl assisting the Family on the Bridge was great fun to watch. The best part about this episode though is Merle and Daryls arguement, just AMAZING. Also Axel and Carol....I thought they were gonna be a couple XD....well nope. Axel gets sniped in the head by the Govenor with an AUG wait what? An AUG is an assault rifle and where the govenor was standing he shouldn't been able to hit Axel directly in the head with an assault rifle plus Axel's death my opinion was sadder then Loris Death XD.

OVERALL: Awesome episode but a little unrealistic....AND i mean unrealistic by weapon standereds not by Zombies and stuff cause you know zombies are so realistic. Just a Nit pick though.

7. :Killer Within

Loris Death (YES) okay srry just argh hated her in the show. I mainly love the episode for the fact that it has the best action scene in the show. Andrew is an awesome villian unlike his Comic counterpart and the scene where Oscar decides who to shoot Rick or Andrew changes the course of the show....well sorta. Awesome episode but my only complaint.....T-Dog.... Rest in Piece.....Rest in Piece

OVERALL: Awesome but......T-Dog :(

6. :Nebraska

The episode isn't really good.....but makes up for one of the best scenes in the shows history. Nebraska is not really good of an episode and mainly cause of this.....Maggie.....yes I know Maggie the best female character in the show so far is the main problem of an episode.....yes and for one reason. 1. Slapping Shane (so out of character but hey this is when she wasn't a badass so...) 2. (Glenn and Maggie ugh i really just don't like this couple at all but in the comics it's a nice relationship but in the show UGH nope.) The reason this is one my favs is the ending scene with Hershel at the bar and Rick with Glenn come and talk some sences into him. Also the Dave and Tony thing was okay.

OVERALL: Episode sucks but it's one of my favs cause of that one awesome scene.

5. : Guts

Merle's introduction awesome, Morales awesome, T-Dog awesome, Glenn awesome, Andrea ugh gotta to admit it awesome at times in this episode. Okay Merle is an awesome character in general and is a tiny Antagonist in Season 1 and some would say no Merle is the main antagonist in season 1....no Ed is. Anyways Rick escaping the Tank awesome, again T-Dog awe....damn't i gotta at least say something that I didn't like about it...oh i got it. Leaving Merle on the roof sucked and I didn't really like Jaquai or whatever her name is. Also the best line ever - "Officer Friendly".

OVERALL: Awesome episode but Merle left and Jacquai or whatever keep the episode down.

4. : This Sorrowful Life

What a way to go Merle what a way to go. Merle's death scene and the saddest scene in the show (Daryl killing Walker Merle). Merle and Michonnes car ride is just hauntlingly good, and the way Merle goes out just WOW! Takes some Beer, a Car, Music and goes apeshit on Woodburys army. Merle is an awesome character and it was sad to see him go. BUT this episode has 2 problems. 1. Do we really care if Ben dies? I honestly didnt notice him dieing until when i saw The Talking Dead's Memorial thing. Nobody cared about Ben and he got in the way of not only The Govenors death but also caused the deaths of Andrea, Allen, Milton, Noah, and Merle himself. Think about it if Ben wasnt there the Govenor would have been killed. and 2 WTF why did the Govenor BITE off Merle's Fingers just....dafuq?

OVERALL: Awesome episode we may never see a sadder death then Merles. :(

3. Infection

wtf why is Season 4s second episode on here? Well cause it kicks ass! Sure it kills off redshirt Karen and that guy named IDK David i think OH wait and The Walker Nick and Lizzie's dad. My opinion this should have been the season 4 premeire. Why? hooks you up and ups the action and drama all the way with the flu going around and the 3 little pigs gettin eaten by walkers. Nothin much I can say but....just an awesome episode but Carl telling Rick about Carol's knife thing.....-_- can't keep a secret Carl....*added to the list of why I hate Carl (TV)*

OVERALL: Awesome Should had been the premiere.

2. Seed

Seed is just awesome....the action the characters, ugh just awesome. Hershel getting his foot chopepd off was suprising as all hell and Axel and Oscars introdution Awesome!!! Seed is just an awesome episde and my opinion is the best of season 3. Funny cause it's the first episode of season 3. Now i can't really talk much about this episode cause it's mainly just action and killing zombies oh and Beth Singing....-_- ugh.

OVERALL: Awesone as hell but Beth STFU and stop singing argh!

1. :Clear

Who didnt see this coming its the best episode Yet and a Walking Dead CLASSIC. Rick and Morgans conversation is just haunting and awesome while Michonne and Carl connect is also awesome. The show honestly did the right thing and brought Morgan back. Morgan in this episode is just so awesome hes just sooooo awesome. This episode also drives rick back to sanity. Clear is just an all around good episode and I cant think of any problems that the episode has. 

OVERALL: "Couldn't leave this behind it's just too gorgous."

Thx for reading and you guys kick ass. Leave in the comments if you agree or disagree on my favs. Bye guys! :)

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