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Hounarble Mentions

6. Kenny Jr AKA Duck

250px-LRA Duck Motel

Can't think of anything

Duck started out as a character many found "Eh". However over time and when I mean time I mean Ep3 he grew on people. Duck started to become a good character but......Ben had to give dem bandits shit. So.....Duck gets bitten and in one of the three hardest decisions in TWD by Telltale....Do you

A. Lee Kills Duck

B. Kenny Kills Duck

C. Leave Duck to become a Zombie

It truly is a depressing scene and made many people close 2 tears. oh yea Katjaa died 2....I don't really care about her at all....

5. Hershel Greene (TV)


<Insert Over Used Santa is dead joke>

Hershel Greene....the moral compass, the farmer, the Father, the Preacher, the Badass, the Crippled, the Troubled, the Confused, the Smart, the well...what has he not been? Hershel is without a doubt the best Comic - TV Adaptations in TWD. However his life came to an end in Too Far Gone where he took Tyreese's Comic death. This scene brought many to tears and is one of the saddest deaths in TWD history.

4. Lee Everett

IHW Lee Gun.png


Lee is the protagonist of TWD S1. His journey to redemption and keeping clem and the group safe come to a halt....Lee after rescuing Clem dies from the virus. It's now up to the player (Clem) to make the hardest desicion in TWD S1.....Kill Lee or Leave him to turn....This brought many viewers and players to tears. Lee Everett will be missed.

3. Merle Dixon


Merle's death stare

merle dixon started out as a racist, drug using, high as fuck, sharpshooting, redneck. after his first apperance in "guts" he was presumed dead. 

however in S3 He returned as a badass one armed assassin. he was not the Insane man we knew back in S1. he was still an asshole to people though. his Pears (Marteniz, Shumpert, Gov, Milton, etc) respected him. hell i think even the People of woodbury respected this man. so the badass decideds to switch sides Or the merle betrayed the gov (I can't remember which sorry) anyways merle goes on a suicide mission to stop the gov. he kills a bunch of woodbury's soldiers including "mean guard" and Ben but is killed by the  gov.....we will miss u Merle.

2. Glenn


This is what happens if you deliver the pizza late

Glenn from the Comics just....was such a badass, funny, caring character. I mean who the hell didn't like Glenn? Seriously? Kirkman doe decided to grow a pair of ballz and kill in the most gruesome TWD death btw the fan fav character in Issue 100. Glenn's death is the reason why most hate Negan (I love Negan btw). Glenn never got to meet his son......

R.I.P Glenn.

1. Lori Grimes

Season three lori grimes

Ur death was sad...u still were an ass doe

Lori Grimes from the show and comic has one of the saddest deaths in TWD history. From Lori getting shot and crushing her infant, to being cut open to save the infant but kill herself in the process. While most hate Lori from the show and are eh on comic Lori we all can admit we were shocked....however look on da bright side NO MORE TV LORI

R.I.P Comic Lori

R.I.Peices TV Lori


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