Hey guys welcome to another Top ten! Today we have a very...interesting topic. Most franchises have their fails. For instance for Star Wars - Holiday Special. For Marvel - Iron Man 2. For Indiana Jones - Indy 4. You get the idea. TWD is another great franchise that is....hasen't done all good. Now to make this list the thing has to be either.

  1. A Video Game/Episode of a Video/DLC
  2. A Plot/Arc
  3. A Bad Choice at Showrunner

etc etc.

The rules are though that IT CAN NOT BE A CHARACTER or CONTINUITY. Now...let's do this.

7. 400 Days Too Long

400days Promotional Poster

Yay 5 stories! Each 3 mins long and poitnless.....

While fun the first playthrough 400 Days is simply just....well bad. I mean let's look at this. The only good things this brought were Nate, Vince (eh), Eddie, and...well that's it...really. They introduce us to new characters like Shel or Bonnie or Wyatt or Becca or Danny or Leland or Russell etc. The problem is there is not much time to focus on devolpment for the characters and there is no time for us to even give a flying fuck about the characters. Not to mention I beat this in like an hour.....TWD Episodes are supposed to be at least an hour and a half long. BUT! It is good for what it is....a small DLC. If you haven't played it you are not missing much.

6. Thanks Telltale

The Walking Dead Season Two - A Telltale Games Series - Episode 4 'Amid the Ruins'

The Walking Dead: Season 1 Choices and 400 Day choices matter

Telltale either 

A. Screwed Up

B. Didn't expect us to notice.

What I mean is, in Season 2 of the Video Game do the choices of S1 and 400 Days matter? I mean....well not really at all. Sure they might mention character actions from the first season or maybe it like effects...well IDK. Serously. 400 Days may be even worse, with "Who you got to come with you will matter" Bullshit. Wyatt does nothing, Russell does nothing, Vince turns crappy, Becca stays the same, Shel does nothing, and Bonnie ONLY does stuff. WHY BONNIE???? She was arguebly the worst protagonist in 400 Days (Not including Tavia). Need other examples? Save Pete in Ep1? Dies in the first 5 mins of Ep2. Have Nick live up till Ep4? Dies OFFSCREEN! Need any other examples? I thought so.

5. Moo goes the Cashcow

Survival Instinct banner

Why does it cover up Merle.....really....

Do I really need to say ANYTHING. We all can agree that this pile of crap is garbage. It's AMC's attempt at whoring their cashcow. Not to mention WHY ISN'T IT CO-OP?? The game advertises it as "2 Brothers" So why is only Deryl playable when Merle isn't? Well Merle in SI sucks so...eh. Hell there's a Herd Mode which I've actually heard is fun, but it has no online feature so you can't enjoy the experiance with friends. Fuck you Deryl.

4. A forgotten gem

Sophia (Assault) profile


When first heard of this game I thought it was going to suck ballz. However when I got it....it was fucking sick. It's a great game if you're bored and suprisingly difficult in some levels....however we were promised 2 more Chapters.....featuring new characters we can play as like Axel, Tyreese, The Gov, etc but....instead they fucking ignore it. Serously....this great game and TWD just forgets about it. Makes me mad. Not to mention just for added insult the game was made cheeper for Christmas 2013..so let me get this straight....you don't make 2 more chapters but you can put the price down? It's been over a year and all we've gotten is Michonne as a playable character (She kicks ass btw)

3. Thanks for trying to kill da series


He tried to destroy TWD after he failed to get a role on Mad Men.

How could I not put this asswipe on here. While he sucks I'm not here to dish him...I'm here to insult AMC. Why the FUCK would you put this guy as your fucking showrunner?????? He almost killed the series!!! Daryl is now unkillable, Androfe in general, killing Merle, T-Dog, Milton, Oscar, Axel, etc. Serously why the fuck AMC would u have this little shit handle TWD?? I made a blog series dedicated to how much this bitch sucked...I suggest you don't read them. Well the T-Dog and Daryl ones r good. But anyways. AMC ur not done yet.

2. AMC > HBO cus logic


Carl is right now people reacted when finding out TWD was on AMC

So....while I like AMC there is one thing I will NOT DENY. The show should have been on HBO. Why? Negan can say Fuck, Sex, half the shit they can't do on AMC, etc. Is it because people would need to buy HBO and dat cost money? Didn't stop Game of Thrones! I find AMC to have pussified TWD at times and a lot of the time screwed up the source material. Why TWD....why...

1. All Out Battle

AOW Part One Cover

This isn't war...

Kirkman stated that AOW would change the comics FOREVER and would be a huge turning point.....what did we get? A good first half but then a crappy second half.....WHY??? We don't get any big deaths (Just give us one) Rick, Michonne, Negan, Dwight, etc all could have died and it would ahve been big. But no we have to deal with Rick letting Negan live (which while nobody guessed was lame), no main deaths...besides Nicholas R.I.P, and no huge All Out War. There was no war. It was basiclly just a huge battle. Not a god damn war. Kirkman fucked up and turned AOW into this overhyped thing and well screwed up.


Alright now guys here r some polls and just letting you know there is no order on this. They are r big fuck ups but there is no order on this list. C you guys later.

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