HELLO EVERYONE, let's just jump right into the list!

Honourable Mentions:

  • <insert random Beth hate that's been said over 9000 times!>
  • Allen from the TV show
  • Tomas
  • Zack
  • Big Tiny

On with the Coutdown!!!

10: Oscar (TV)

Yea.......the awesome badass character Oscar who was techinlly Dexter's TV Counterpart is on this list. He really did nothing throughout his life span in the show besides save Rick earning his trust.

Oscar (TV)

9: Jimmy

I can hear the Beth fangirls and fanboys screaming now. Yes Jimmy sucked, had little screen time and did the stupidest thing ever....Besides Dating Beth. He didn't lock the door to the RV leading to his death -_-. "Well he saved Rick and Carl!" yea....but what else? My point exactly.


8:Lilly (TV)

Lilly from the Show also kinda does nothing. Besides the Gov's Second Romance, Meghan's Mom or Aunt AH which one was it again??? She served really no purpose....well she also was the reason for giving the Gov a bigger part. Other then that yea pretty pointless.

Lilly Too Far Gone 6

7: Chet (Telltale)

To me he was put in just to show that Shawn had friends and that he had a truck (or was that Shawn's truck?).

AND Chet Box

6: Alisha (TV)

Alisha's only real purpose in the show was basically this....to show that there are Lesbians in TWD and maybe development for Lizzie (OOPS SPOILERS)

Alisha Too Far Gone 3

5: Eugene Cooney (Comics)

......Really only put in to show that Woodbury is awful (but did we really need more evidence?) and to add to Michonne's Kills.


4: Julio (TV)

Julio was put in for NOTHING!!!! He was seen as a background character hinted by his actor to do something for repairing. but no.....he was killed in Too Far Gone and didn't even get his own death scene shown on The Talking Dead's Memorial! Hell he was mistaken for a Woodbury 2.0 Soldier.

Julio 408 Crop

3: Shumpert (TV)

This I realized I really screwed up on the original list. He wasn't even mentioned! Shumpert Served no purpose other then being killed by Daryl in a lot of theries (no serously wtf was up with that) and well just for Marteniz to be sad a little in Dead Weight (BTW AWESOME episode)


2: Andrew (Comics) He shows that Gays are in the Walking Dead and he lets Dexter Out then pussies out and runs away only to be turned.


1: Ben (TV) Okay...he was put in to show that Ben from the Comics is now in the show....that's it. He does nothing and is a prick....*sigh* Hell when he died in this sorrowful life I didn't even notice that it was him that died.

Ben I ain&#039;t a Judas 2

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2 Things

1: I screwed up the original list badly

2: When Lilly from the Comics was on here, Gravelord here said "Read the Novels" yea she is in the novels but at the time when the comic with her in it came out she had no backstory. So she was only put in for that one scene then left.