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Pigpen's Theory on Season 4's Mid Season Final

Pigpen077 November 30, 2013 User blog:Pigpen077

Here is my Theory on what will happen on this awesome episode NOTE: I chose this kind of format for a blog so It would be easier to read. (Well I hope it is.)

Begins with the Gov talking to his group convincing them to kill the Main group

Then cuts to Rick telling Daryl what he did to Carol

Then the Group looks over and sees a tank

Then The Gov Shoots Hershel in the leg and threatens to execute him

Then he does and Michonne is surrounded my Woodbury 2.0

Rick and the Gov negotiate but Rick looses and the Gov starts shooting

Beth pulls a gun out and runs into battle but the tank breaks the fence and runs her over

Maggie and Glenn get Judith inside and have a redshirt carry Judith

Maggie and Glenn go out and fight

Lilly starts to turn on the Gov

Tyreese and Bob start a close combat fight with some redshirts and win but Bob is Severely injured

Daryl and Rick try to find Carl

Carl is fending off walkers that were drawn to them during the fight

Rick saves Carl while Daryl stays behind and kills all the walkers

The Gov shoots Sasha in the arm

Maggie gets Sasha inside

Mitch Makes the tank shoot a wall of the prison and half of Cell Block A is destroyed killing Lizzie

Michonne breaks hold of her captives and kills Tony then charges at the gov

Lilly shoots the redshrit and kills her and Judith

Lilly then Shoots the Gov before Michonne can get to him

Bob Dies of Blood Lose

Julio snipes Howard

Daryl jumps on top the tank and drags out Mitch

The group execute the remaining non surrounding Red Shirts and Mitch

They Mourn Beth, Hershel, Judith, Bob and Lizzie.

Alisha, Meghan, Tara, and Lilly join the group.

Carol is seen in the distance with Abraham, Morgan and Rosita

Carol tells them that they are friendly and they start to walk towards the main group


Do you think this would be a good mid season ending? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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